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Minute Quest Armor List Location GuideMinute Quest Armor Guide with a list of everything , Locations, and more. Armor can be purchased at Shops and found from Monster drops including upgrades. Skills and Weight do not change with upgrades, only Defense. Max level is 9. Visit the Minute Quest Wiki for more info.

Upgrading Armor will dramatically increase defense. Doing so with your favorite or more useful combo will help a bunch will survivability. The more defense you have the less damage you’ll take from Monsters.

Shops appear every 1.2km like all other build with the first one located at 0.9km. After the last Armor found in 21.3km items will start to repeat from the very first Armor. Besides sometimes being useful for upgrading, lower level gear repeat shops are only really good for changing your Armor. Though only being able to change 1 item can put you at a disadvantage with combo options. Bathrooms and Healing Houses are ideal for changing your set up.

Many of the earlier items seem to have better combinations than then endgame items. It looks like the developer got tired of making combos or didn’t want to make items obsolete. The buffs on Armor will get stronger with higher level gear. So you’ll only find the strongest available option on the furthest Armor. Example: PowUp40 compared to PowUp10.

Armor Shop Location & Inventory
0.9 HeroArmr, Rags, Fabulous, Magirobe, Dragon
2.1 Ninja, Huntrobe, Shogun, FrogSuit, Leaf
3.3 RedArmr, IronArmr, Penguin, Sheepy, PigTails
4.5 MageRobe, SumoSuit, RockArmr, Thief, Kendo
5.7 HolyRobe, BuffArmr, Kappa, WindArmr, DnaSuit
6.9 Angel, Pirate, Fishy, GoldArmr, Squid
8.1 Samurai, Jacket, VampCape, ArabRobe, HareSuit
9.3 LordRobe, Ribbon, ChefHat, Judo, Cyborg
10.5 HuntMstr, Boxer, WhtRobe, Chicken, HootSuit
11.7 LionHart, Tuxedo, Swindler, Clown, BoneCape
12.9 Apron, Roach, OgreFace, Biker, Ninomiya
14.1 Firejig, Zombie, WolfSuit, RedPants, InvCloak
15.3 CardBox, MerTail, FlySuit, MoleArmr, GoreArmr
16.5 Tights, Cluck, Cat Ears, Priest, Ballet
17.7 Uniform, Taoist, Camo, BoneSuit, Trunks
18.9 Qipao, Diviner, SuperMan, Onesie, Tanktop
20.1 Killer, Prisoner, Monk, Militant, Afro
21.3 Hockey, Queenly
22.5, 24.9, 26.1, 27.3, 28.5, 29.7, 30.9, 32.1, 3.33

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