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Minebuild Wiki Guide Blocks MobsA Minebuild Wiki Guide for the Android only app by Mohit Dev. Minebuild is a Minecraft clone with fewer options. The graphics are very good and probably being one of the best in it’s mobile class.

Hopefully this app will have an update in the future and maybe with some RPG elements. Until then building in confined spaces is are limit without multiplayer support. There seems to be a lot of games like these on the market, 1/4 complete mine clones with super pushy adds.

Minebuild Wiki Guide

Blog Archive – See all post related to Minebuild on this website.
City – Multiple buildings with roads. No online so you gotta make your own.
Houses – Building that look like shelter. Hollowed Trees & Floating Castle’s. No monster no threats.
Blocks – Consists of Blocks, Objects, and Plants.
Mobs – NPC character that you can meet in the different maps.
Server – There is currently no Multiplayer support or server to join others on.
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Beginners Guide

No monsters so no rush, there are animals though so it won’t be too empty. No online so your on your own, could send screenshots to others. You automatically start with all the blocks that are available and don’t have to mine for anything.

Triple tap the jump button to bring up the Fly controls. Can’t die from drowning or falling so get crazy. Use Torches for light above ground and Pumpkins for light under water.

The sky is very high and I have yet to find the top. Building up will give you the most space to play with since it almost seems to be infinite. Tree Houses are fun, hollow out the insides and decorate. Floating Castles and Building are also fun to make and look at.

Minebuild Screenshots

Minebuild Screenshot Title Screen Minebuild Screenshot House Outside Minebuild Screenshot Bedroom Minebuild Screenshot House Minebuild Screenshot Bridge Minebuild Screenshot Inventory

Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Emulation – You can play many Android app on your PC and Mac now using Android Emulators like BlueStacks and AndY. These free programs will allow you to play Android apps without any type of Google device or cell phone.

The bad part is lots of games don’t have keyboard support and are un-playable. You’ll have to use and app called Game Keyboard to map out buttons on your devices screen and assign keyboard keys to them.

Flying – Triple tap the jump button to change it to Up and Down fly arrows. This will let you explore the massive sky region and help you out of big hole and lake.

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