Nov 072014

Minebuild TNTMinebuild TNT is a placeable block found in your inventory when you start a new game. Thankfully this TNT does explode when ignited with a plunger from the Objects tab in your inventory. For more visit our Minebuild Wiki.

You can lay a trail of TNT or make a giant group ready for demolition. Simply touch any of the explosive boxes with your plunger and all connected will go off too. The blast radius is the same for every explosion and not random like other games. There are also no sound effect yet, but there is a nice fire ball that occurs.

When lighting you can only blow up 1 path. If you try to ignite TNT leading to separate paths nothing will blow up. So if your were planning on making a huge explosive cubes the only thing bursting here is your bubble.

Out of all the blocks this one is one of the few that have effects. Torch’s, Pumpkins, and Lanterns are the other one. Water also has realistic physics where you’ll need to continuously tap the jump button to swim to the surface cause you don’t float. There is a small glitch that won’t allow you to change to the fly controls while your under water, first you must swim to the surface.

Hopefully we’ll get an well needed update in the near future with better exploding mechanics, survival, mods, and something new.

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