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LINE Get Rich Tips WikiIf you need LINE Get Rich Tips go no further. This Tips list can grow richer as time goes on so be sure check back in the future. Have tips you want to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

Information is organized like a LINE Get Rich Wiki. This Wiki may have many off branching posts with related Get Rich content.

LINE Get Rich Tips

BluestackBlueStacks is a free program for the PC and Mac which loads Android games. Does it work? Yes! When first installing Get Rich you may need to restart BlueStacks.

Download – LINE Get Rich has to be downloaded and installed in 2 parts:

1. Download Get Rich app on Google Play or iTunes.

2. Download the LINE app from Google Play or iTunes. Need a real phone number or Facebook account to set up.

Rooting Notification – “Rooting Notification Inspected iniquitous application running on your smartphone. Would you like to send information? Ok or Close?” If your wonder what this Rooting Notification for it’s to except some kind of terms. Sounds like it’s asking to use the devices rooting power to pull some extra information, or maybe install a hack? Seems poorly worded and suspicious. the huge I do know that the notification will go away by simply closing the pop up message. At first I though because my device is rooted I can’t play. This is not the case and the Root Notification will go away.

Gameplay – Below is a Gameplay video, though the language is Thailand.

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