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Lego Speedorz InstructionsBelow are some Instructions for Lego Speedorz to help you understand things a little better. When starting out things can seem a bit unclear as a lot seem to be thrown at all at once.

These instructions are meant to give players a better idea of how the game works and how to get ahead. If there is anything that you would like to add feel free to share it in the comments. Lego Speedorz Instructions can be updated daily so check back in the future for possible new content.

Lego Speedorz Instruction

Goals – There are basically to goals in Lego Speedorz. The first is to get 3 stars for every track against all the opponents. The second is to earn currency from races and unlock the best vehicles and other game features.

Starting Cars – The first cars that are unlock have absolutely honorably handling. They can almost make the game feel broken. The next vehicle that can be unlocked, Huntor W1, costs 150,000 studs and is much better to drive. This can be unlock after 1 or 2 races pretty quickly. Upgrading as soon as possible will speed up game progression.

Chi – These are the white orb things that you’ll come across while racing. One of these is needed to pull the speed boost handle for a giant speed increase. Using Chi in the beginning is not advised as you will more than likely pass right by most of the Stubs. During races you’ll come across small area where targets will need to be driven into. Complete the requirement shown on the left of the screen to be rewarded the corresponding amount of Chi. Chi should be saved up until you really need it to beat a time on a track.

Track Progress – While in a race there will be a meter at the top of the screen. You are the green arrow will your opponent ids the red arrow. Look at the to keep track of how far behind or ahead you are.

Hidden Places – While driving around you may notice side path containing items. These can be great place to pick up large amount of Studs and Chi. They can also be more difficult path potentially hurting your finishing time is they cant be completed correctly.

Achievements – These are goals that can be complete to give the game more depth. The only achievement that rewards anything is the Jungle Gates Vault unlocked after you very first race. A code will need to be enter at a Lego website to get the reward.

More Lego Games – You can find a ton more Lego Games on Google Play for free.

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