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Killer - Minute Quest SkillsKiller is a skill that has a chance of defeating an enemy in one hit, but doesn’t work on bosses. Where this baby really shines is in areas with Monsters that are much stronger than you. You’ll be able to take down more than normal and get further than with other skills. It’s however not so useful in places that your over leveled for as enemies will die in one hit anyhow.

Skills that increase attack speed like Mach Hit and SuperMach can double and triple the kill rate. Combine this with TreaUp and you can farm distant areas more effectively for Pets. Having a strong weapons is important or else you’ll be hitting monsters much more than you have to when they don’t die right away.

All in all Killer is fun to play with, but doesn’t have any real application. Most players would rather opt for HP recovery in high level areas than a chance to defeat some foes quicker. Though I’m sure there are some useful combos with Recovery and other thing that may tickle your fancy.

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Killer Sets

Killer, Recovery5 = Foxtail, HuntRobe, Stumpy
Killer, DeathMarch = Foxtail, HuntRobe, Zomble
Killer, Mach Hit = Kunai, Ninja, Dethroot
Killer, Mach Hit = Kunai, Ninja, Pokey

Killer Weapon & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapon and Armor combos for the Killer skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other sets that I have not listed above.

Kunai + Ninja
Foxtail + HuntRobe
ThiefSwd + MageRobe
ThiefSwd + DNASuit
Hose + DNASuit
LongSwd + Samurai
Reaper + VampCape
Bazooka + Cyborg
BoneRod + WhtRobe
Pistol + Tuxedo
Icicle + BoneCape
Scissors + BoneCape
NiteDice + BoneCape
ThiefSwd + InvCloak
Rapier + GoreArmr
Strawman + Diviner
LongSwd + Queenly

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