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Jammy - Minute Quest SkillsThe Jammy skill used your Luck to increase Damage and Accuracy in Minute Quest. This comes in handy for when your have a hard time hitting Monsters. It’s most useful on bosses since there usually the hardest to hit due to there high stats. Higher level weapons work the best.

Since Luck is used to raise Damage and Accuracy using sets with luck boosters will get you the most benefit. Putting tons of stat point into luck is not advised as 1000 and some good TreaUp combos will get you most pets with ease. Many of the early bosses are easy to defeat, but the last 2 are real nightmares requiring a ton of leveling. You”ll soon find out that luck is doing you no good and wish that you spend stat points somewhere else.

Unfortunately, Jammy isn’t that useful of skill. Being ably to hurt monsters and hit them is one thing. But usually when your in these situations the monsters are much stronger than you and will end you quick. So defense would be more useful than offense. Plus, there just doesn’t seem to be that many good combos with it. I could be wrong though and I’m sure it has many useful application.

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Jammy Sets

Jammy, SpdUp30, SpdUp20 = AngelArw, Squid, Bird
Jammy, AccUp40 = AngelArw, Squid, Flyme
Jammy, Devil Luck, AccUp40 = FoxTail, Rags, Garuda
Jammy, TreaUp30, TreaUp20 = FoxTail, Rags, Mimic
Jammy, Chance, Luck Up = NiteDice, Jacket, Luminos
Jammy, Chance, Exp Farmer = NiteDice, Jacket, BlackCat
Jammy, PowUp30, PowUp40 = Bouquet, Onesie, MiniBear
Jammy, Luck Up, AccUp20 = Bouquet, Onesie, Harpie

Jammy Weapon & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapon and Armor combos that have the Jammy skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other sets that I have not listed above.

Card + Rags
FoxTail + Rags
FoxTail + HuntMstr
AngelArw + Squid
NiteDice + Jacket
NiteDice + Uniform
Katana + LordRobe
Card + Swindler
Lexicon + RedPants
FishyRod + Camo
Dice + Qipao
Fish + Onesie
Bouquet + Onesie
Hook + Prisoner
BroadSwd + Afro
GoldDice + Afro
Choc Ice + Queenly

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