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Into The Dead Wiki GuideAn Into The Dead Wiki with information for the Android Google Play and iTunes iPhone iPad iOS release developed by PIKPOK. Into the Dead is a Casual type running game where your goal is to try and get as far away from a helicopter crash in the middle of a zombie nest.

Gameplay is mostly about trying to complete different mission objectives and earning coins to buy new weapons and upgrades. When new guns are purchased you will find them randomly inside ammo crates, avoid buying bad guns to keep from getting them during a run, upgrading to only the Minigun can make things go much easier.

Into The Dead Wiki


A really nice touch by the developers is the ability to buy your way past missions that are too difficult using normal easy to obtain in-game currency. This makes playing to highs levels more enjoyable. Eventually, doing this can get pretty expensive though they do a great job of throwing you some easy missions that are geared more towards the fun side.

Another unique twist is the ability to have 1 of 5 different breeds of dogs as a companion that will attack zombie who are in front of you. The more expensive the breed the more aggressive it will be taking down zombies faster and harder.

Environments change randomly give you many different obstacles from ripping to the element of surprise. Your basically in the last place anybody would want to be trying to run for your life.

Be sure to check back often as this Into The Dead Wiki can be updated daily with fresh new content including guides and videos.

Video with gameplay and various features.

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