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Into The Dead WeaponsBelow is info on Into The Dead Weapons along with gameplay video footage. For the absolute best weapon choice one would purchase only the Minigun in the beginning, then you would have that and the Pistol only when picking up cargo drops.

Pistol – Your starting gun free of charge. Good for taking a few of the dead but you should save your bullets for the ones standing in front of your next crate.

Chainsaw – Runs out of gas quick and hitting target means being right in there face. Try to get ride of as soon as possible.

Shotgun – Does a great job of clearing out the Zombies in front of you with a good radios for a wide path. Low ammo count makes this better suited for aim carefully and conserving ammo.

Revolver – Like a Pistol only kills one one shot. Only target bad guys directly in front of you with small side coverage and low ammo count, try to avoid when possible.

Grenade – Very low ammo but huge damage radius, you better make them count with these guys or your gonna be walking alone.

Rifle – Shoot through target, but has low ammo count and very small radius.

Assault Rifle – Close to the Sub-machine Gun with the only down fall being that you shoot 3 rounds at a time so you should try to use it in crowds of 3 or more to maximize it’s potential.

Minigun – The perfect killing machine if only it had unlimited ammo i could run around the planet or at least make it to the end of this crazy invasion of death, my mom says it rabies. This is hands down the Best Weapon you can find and will mow down everything in your path with wide enough reach on either side you could take a nap.

Crossbow -

Grenade Launcher -

Weapons Effectiveness Rank – This list all weapons in order of the most useful according to how far it helps you run defensively and offensively.

1. Minigun
2. Assault Rifle
3. Submachine Gun
4. Shotgun
5. Rifle
6. Revolver
7. Pistal
8. Chainsaw
9. Grenade

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