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Inotia 4 Warlock BuildWelcome to my Inotia 4 Warlock Build! You may think of the Warlock as a squishy class but in reality because he can equip Plate armor his defense can be just as great as the others. I find this class is better for attacking from afar and letting your Hell Spawn summon and teammates run in to take the melee damage. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!


Your probably going to want to put most of your skill points into INT since all attack magic gets a greater bonus from it. MEN is the other stat 2 skills will benefit from, but the damage is so small and the skills are more useful for their stun and slow abilities that I better to put them in INT for greater attack damage. The only other skill worth investing in is VIT for added health, defense, and physical resistance.


Dragon Heart - Found at the first Fusion Machine and the best weapon you’ll find for 25 levels.


A neat thing about this game is that Warlocks can use Plate Mail which is the strongest type of armor. It’s helps to keep a good piece of Plate around so you can equip it during difficult boss or bounty fights. For most of the game you’ll probably use cloth for it’s 10% magic damage bonus or leather for it’s +10% critical strike chance.


By the end of the game you will have maxed out all but about 2 skills. Throughout the game you can get random dropping Elixir potion that will give you 1 skill point. Around level 50 you start to find books that will raise a specific skill 1 level, but only if it’s maxed.

Tier 1

Touch of Agony – This will be your most used attack skill so it’s a good idea to max asap.

Hell’s Spawn – Summon a spirit to attack, take damage like a tank, and keep agro of you and your party. By level 3 the cool down is less the summon time so it can always be available unless it gets killed right away.

Mage’s Claw – Passive – Transfer MP to you every time your Spawn hits an enemy. This is great for recharging your MP and makes summoning free.

Tier 2

Blood Curse - Cast a spell and all enemies withing medium range will have slower movement speed for a short duration. The skill is great for taking down melee bosses and bounties. When you start to get chased activate Blood Curse to slow you targets then just run around and let your party beat them to death. This is very useful and will make impossible battles a piece of cake.

Inotia 4 Boss Walkthrough Gameplay

Lv Boss Name Lv Boss Name Lv Boss Name
3 Earl Grafton 48 Summoned Elementals 76 Chasers Chief East
7 Shin 51 Summoned Minotaur 76 Chasers Chief West
12 Queen Spider 55 Sandstorm Crew Captain 77 Alexander
13 Head Goblin 56 Trained Werewolves 85 Elf Seal Protector
16 Head Werewolf 59 White Head Goblin 88 Ivan’s Minion
19 Purity Stone Protector 63 Shin 90 Ivan
23 Cornette 65 Principle Guardian 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room South
27 Golem 64 Tindalrose 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room East
29 Zahad Kuruhatt 65 Blackhoods Boss 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room North
29 Contaminated Berkel Priest 67 Blackhoods Boss 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room West
32 Mutated Abbot 69 Oogle Queen 92 Mutated Abbot
35 Redhood Bandits Boss 70 Chasers Scout Captain 91 Seal Protector
37 Captain of Arnen Chasers 71 Queen Spider 94 Lunatic Djinn
40 Lunatic Djinn 73 Chief Drow 99 ???
44 Berkel Dispatch Soldier 73 Tethered Oogle Queen 99 Alexander
46 Heresy Leader 74 Guardian Golem 100 Dragon Alexander
47 Baron Borgia 76 Chasers Chief North

Inotia 4 Bounty Walkthrough Gameplay

Lv Bounty Name Lv Bounty Name Lv Bounty Name
10 Alligator Turtle 34 Viper Black Mamba 68 Enraged Cave Rat
11 Savage Rat 35 Thief Gunnishe 68 Bewitched Oogle
12 Black Vampire Bat 36 Revealed Spy Duhammel 70 Red Flower Shrubber
12 Tarantula Spider 42 Vicious Ghost 71 Enraged Wing Slime
12 Goblin Warden 42 Boss Skeleton 72 Elite Drow’s Soul
14 Goblin Swordsman Magnatue 44 Enraged Shrubber 79 Iceshell Turtle
16 Death-stalker Scorpion 46 Shadow’s Senior Priest Traitor 80 Frost Werewolf
16 Porcupin Cactus 48 Prisoner 81 Purification Cave Watcher
17 Killer Werwolf Jack 50 Jeff The Wanted Criminal 84 Cannibal Grauple
19 Starving Maggots 27 Hwagan Brown Bear 88 Enraged Journal
20 Steelbox Mimic 51 Arnen Mutated Scorpion 87 Chief Elf’s Soul
23 Demon Scriptures 55 Meadow Savage Turtle 93 Dark Praising Forbidden Book
25 Legendary Silverwolf 59 Lunatic White Goblin Warrior 94 Ancient Mutated Poison Spider
28 Slayer Jurupaz 61 Vicious Werewolf 95 Rebel Remains
29 Branded Spirit 65 Wild Wolf 97 Uncontrollable Guardian
33 Rednosed Swamp Turtle 67 Poisonous Forest Spider 97 Wicked Drow Archer Figure
32 Nibbler Mimics
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    I noticed that the warlock gets most of the aggro so it needs a plate armor but cloth armor increase the magic ATK rate and leather armor increase the CRT rate so i am confused which one is the best….

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