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Inotia 4 WalkthroughThis is an Inotia 4 Walkthrough. As long as this game has been out Im surprised their hasn’t been any real walkthrough done. I guess it’s because the game is very linear, though their are a few tricky spots where a person could get lost.

I’m going to choose the Warlock because I have already played with the Assassin and Priest. Also, the Warlock’s Blood Curse skill is very effective for slowing down fast moving melee enemies and bosses. For stats I will put everything in INT since that’s what increases all attack skills damage the most.

Pre-game Tips:

Armor – All classes can equip all types of armor. For example a Warlock can equip Cloth, Leather, and Plate armor.

Fusion Machine Unique Items – Ingredients can always be found in the general area where the particular Fusion Machine is located. Whether it’s from an enemy drop, box, or vase you can always find the ingredients. Unique Items are the best items in the game so equipping as many as possible will make the game easier. Once you move on you can no longer get recipes for that Fusion Machine so it’s best to get all you can.

I have a separate post that has much more info on the Unique Items including ingredient locations and stats. I will link to it in the walkthrough at all the Fusion Machine locations.

Mission Rewards – If you save before turning in a mission you can keep re-loading to re-roll the blue stats on an item. Example: For a reward you get boots with a 5% increase in critical chance. You can re-load to get the maximum allowed bonus which might be 10% increase in critical chance.

Inotia 4 Walkthrough

The first part is pretty easy. Just keep going east until you reach the first boss fight. A little tip that works for most boss fights is to run far away so they stop attacking you. This way you can recover and lead enemies away defeating them 1 at a time. After the boss fight head back west to camp and you will be transported to Shadow Hall.

Shadow Hall

Fusion Machine Unique Items:
Angurvadel – Two Handed
Durandal – Longsword
Dragon’s Heart – Orb
Slayer’s Crossbow – Crossbow
Impassivity Blade – Dagger

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