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Inotia 4 Priest BuildThis is a Priest Build for Inotia 4. The Priest is primarily a healer and tank class with great DPS when WIS and/or INT are high. Having a strong Priest in the party makes most of the game pretty easy, but some boss fights can be difficult with lots of healing and running. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

Weapons – Though the Priest class is built for a mace or blunt weapon I could never find one that had higher DPS than a dagger. So I used daggers from Fusion Machines and upgraded them to the max with weapon scrolls for the whole game. The first dagger I got from a Fusion machine was level 34 and I used it until level 55 when I got Sashimi from the Ronarck Cliffs Fusion Machine. Then at level 80 i got Hell Grinder from the Hall of Afterlife Fusion Machine, but couldn’t use it until level 97. I never found a blunt weapon or mace that showed an increase when using the skill Divine Arms which would really be the only reason to use one. Divine Arms should increase shield defense rate, critical rate, and mace attack rate when a blunt or mace is equip, but none of the weapons I found seemed to improved critical rate. Plus, the CRT% number never increased in the character info area when it does for other skills. With that said I think the skill might be bugged.

Armor – For tough situations I had the strongest plate armor I could find and upgraded it to the max with armor scrolls. For most of the game though I used fully upgraded leather armor for its big bonuses to CRT% and C.DMG% to maximize DPS. Leather armor helped speed up battle and the game, but in some situations it might feel like even the strongest armor isn’t enough so its best to keep some high defenses equipment available for those tough times. The 2 items that will increase your defense the most is your armor then shield.

Stats – Here is a stat guide that shows you what stats do. I would recommend putting all your stat points in MIN and/or INT. MIN will make your healing magic stronger and increase H.RATE while INT will make higher level attack skills stronger. Both MIN and INT increase your normal weapon attack damage by .9 while the other stats increase weapon attack damage by 0. A good balance would be to put enough stat points into MIN to keep H.RATE at 100% and put the rest in INT for stronger high level skills. To maximize healing strength I would put all or most stat points into MIN.

Skills – By the end of the game you will have enough skill points to max out all skills but 2 or 3. You can find or make Supreme Elixirs though to max the rest.

Tier 1

Prayer of Recovery – This skill is almost useless once you get the Blinding Flash skill because of its high MP cost and single target healing. So its best to leave it at level 1 and focus on other more useful stats.

Divine Strike – This skill is good for keeping a high DPS early in the game. It may be slightly less useful towards the end of the game due to a lack of available skill slots.

Healing Enhancement – This is a passive skill that will increase healing power by 24.1% when maxed at level 4. This isn’t that much of an increase and should only be invested in when you have extra points to spend, are trying to unlock higher level skills, or trying to maximize your healing skills effects.

Tier 2

Apostles of Light – This skill is good for boss fights and other tough battles as it increases your shield defense rate and increases your chance to deal bonus Divine damage. Its best used before any other skills are used to maximize damage output and before a fight to minimize damage received.

Ordination Prayer – This is a great passive skill to increase your companions MP recovery rate, DPS, and healing with skills.

Tier 3

Light Command – I never used this skill due to it’s high MP cost. I was always able to heal effectively with other skills and potion and thought skill point would be better spent elsewhere. Though this skill could be very useful in long battles for survivability.

Hammer of Wrath – You will probably use this skill more than all other Priest skills as it stuns most enemies for 2 second and has a 6 second cooldown time. It may not stun for long, but this skill is very effective. Rotating this skill between 2 Priest is very very effective keeping an enemy in an almost complete stun stat and making most enemies a walk in the park. This is also a good skill to lead an attack with as most enemies can be killed with little or no damage taken.

Magic Insight – This is a passive skill that will decrease an enemies magic resistance by 12% for 6 second up to 3 times at max level 4. This skill is a must for DPS and is best maxed early for maximum damage.

Tier 4

Celestial Armor – This skill is a must for a tank. At max level 4 you are immune to all damage for 6 seconds with a 30 second cooldown. It can help out a lot when your waiting to use a healing skill or potion again.

Shield of Trust – This is a passive skill that increases party members damage every time your shield blocks or you parry and is best taken early to maximize DPS. At skill level 5 attack is increased 13.5% for 6 seconds stacking up 3 times.

Tier 5

Blinding Flash – This skill is great for crowd control. It deals damage to all surrounding enemies, puts them to sleep for 6 seconds, then heals your entire party, all in a large radius. Blinding Flash will replace Prayer of Recovery for your main healing skill and is best maxed asap.

Celestial Lightning – This is a very effective AOE skill that should be maxed for 2 reasons. The first would be damage and the second would be that its directly tied to the God of Justice skill. A good crown control tactic is to use Celestial Lightning to damage a group of enemies then damaging them again and putting them to sleep with the Blinding Flash skill then singling out enemies killing them 1 at a time.

Divine Arms – This skill is suppose to increase your shield block rate, mace accuracy rate, and critical rate with maces and blunt weapons but it never seemed like the critical rate really increased. Since it seems like this skill is bugged and daggers do way more damage than blunt and mace weapons I never used it. I did max it out though for Skillbook purposes and just encase I did find an uber blunt or mace weapon.

Tier 6

Holy Sacrifice – Though I never used this skill it could be useful if you have low defense party members that keep getting targeted.

God of Justice – At level 4 this skill has a 29% actuation chance during a critical hit to cast Celestial Lightning for free. This skill should be maxed asap along with the Celestial Lightning skill to maximize DPS. With both skills maxed you can 1 hit kill enemies with critical hits. Although a random firing AOE skill may sound like it could get you in trouble by drawing unwanted attention. Its radius isn’t really that big which is good when you put a group to sleep with Blinding Flash you don’t wake them all up when it goes off.

Inotia 4 Boss Walkthrough Gameplay

Lv Boss Name Lv Boss Name Lv Boss Name
3 Earl Grafton 48 Summoned Elementals 76 Chasers Chief East
7 Shin 51 Summoned Minotaur 76 Chasers Chief West
12 Queen Spider 55 Sandstorm Crew Captain 77 Alexander
13 Head Goblin 56 Trained Werewolves 85 Elf Seal Protector
16 Head Werewolf 59 White Head Goblin 88 Ivan’s Minion
19 Purity Stone Protector 63 Shin 90 Ivan
23 Cornette 65 Principle Guardian 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room South
27 Golem 64 Tindalrose 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room East
29 Zahad Kuruhatt 65 Blackhoods Boss 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room North
29 Contaminated Berkel Priest 67 Blackhoods Boss 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room West
32 Mutated Abbot 69 Oogle Queen 92 Mutated Abbot
35 Redhood Bandits Boss 70 Chasers Scout Captain 91 Seal Protector
37 Captain of Arnen Chasers 71 Queen Spider 94 Lunatic Djinn
40 Lunatic Djinn 73 Chief Drow 99 ???
44 Berkel Dispatch Soldier 73 Tethered Oogle Queen 99 Alexander
46 Heresy Leader 74 Guardian Golem 100 Dragon Alexander
47 Baron Borgia 76 Chasers Chief North

Inotia 4 Bounty Walkthrough Gameplay

Lv Bounty Name Lv Bounty Name Lv Bounty Name
10 Alligator Turtle 34 Viper Black Mamba 68 Enraged Cave Rat
11 Savage Rat 35 Thief Gunnishe 68 Bewitched Oogle
12 Black Vampire Bat 36 Revealed Spy Duhammel 70 Red Flower Shrubber
12 Tarantula Spider 42 Vicious Ghost 71 Enraged Wing Slime
12 Goblin Warden 42 Boss Skeleton 72 Elite Drow’s Soul
14 Goblin Swordsman Magnatue 44 Enraged Shrubber 79 Iceshell Turtle
16 Death-stalker Scorpion 46 Shadow’s Senior Priest Traitor 80 Frost Werewolf
16 Porcupin Cactus 48 Prisoner 81 Purification Cave Watcher
17 Killer Werwolf Jack 50 Jeff The Wanted Criminal 84 Cannibal Grauple
19 Starving Maggots 27 Hwagan Brown Bear 88 Enraged Journal
20 Steelbox Mimic 51 Arnen Mutated Scorpion 87 Chief Elf’s Soul
23 Demon Scriptures 55 Meadow Savage Turtle 93 Dark Praising Forbidden Book
25 Legendary Silverwolf 59 Lunatic White Goblin Warrior 94 Ancient Mutated Poison Spider
28 Slayer Jurupaz 61 Vicious Werewolf 95 Rebel Remains
29 Branded Spirit 65 Wild Wolf 97 Uncontrollable Guardian
33 Rednosed Swamp Turtle 67 Poisonous Forest Spider 97 Wicked Drow Archer Figure
32 Nibbler Mimics
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    Hello i want to create priest. Please email me what to put in stats and skill levels i trust you so i will follow your build.. Thanks


    What i mean is the levels ok skills


    If you use dark knight’s crystal with priest than his dps will be highest. As you can move and attack. downside is that you can not use shield

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