Jan 262015

Inotia 4 PC MacIf your looking for a Inotia 4 PC Mac version your in luck. Though Com2uS doesn’t make one specifically for the computer you can use an Android emulator like BlueStacks to play it on PC or Mac. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

Unfortunately their are a couple drawbacks. The first is that you might need a decently powered machine to run some games including Inotia.

A lot of them will still be playable only the app will run slow with laggy sounding music. The second is that BlueStacks won’t always be free as they say their going to charge after more of the bugs are worked out.

For right now it’s pretty neat to be able to play apps on something other than an Android device. Their are a couple other emulators out their, but last I check they didn’t and seem to be in mega beta.

Another negative thing about BlueStacks it they won’t let you install apps manually. You can get around this though by using the DropBox app and uploading any app to the cloud from an Android device then downloading it to the emulator.

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