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Inotia 4 Legendary Sword LocationsWelcome to my guide for Inotia 4 Legendary Sword Locations! Besides the first one you come across the chance of getting a weapon and armor from one of these locations can be pretty small.

When you do locate a Legendary Sword or “LS” you can exit and enter the map over and over to re-spawn it an infinite amount of times. When I say “Lvl 3 Area” that means the level of the monsters in that area are level 3. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

So far it’s looking like every sword location might have a specific Legendary yellow name weapon or armor and right now they’ve all been armor. Gonna try and get one for every location. Update: Looks more like only 1 of the swords in an area has the Legendary drop which I mark with a *—- —-*.

For drop rates I’ve notice that some LS won’t yield anything with my Assassin, Warrior, and Warlock group, but when I change to Assassin and 2 Black Knights with the 3% chance to get a unique item from LS spots drop rate is about 50%.

Lvl 3 Area – Shadow Training Dungeon

Lvl 8 Area – Hakan Desert 2

Lvl 8 Area – Hakan Desert 4

This sword has the same items as Hakan Desert 2 above only a way less drop rate.

*—– Lvl 14 Area – South Kamuran —–*

Lvl 16 Area – Mine Undergrounds B1

Lvl 16 Area – Mine Undergrounds B2

The items at this spot were the same level and strength as Mine Undergrounds B1 above.

*—– Lvl 26 Area – Hwagan Canyon Cave 3 —–*

Lvl 31 Area – Delos Cave

Has the same items as Highlands below only way more time consuming to farm because of the distance and number of enemies in the way. Fastest way is to save next to sword and keep reloading until it spawns. Due to the difficulty may have a nice legendary drop.

Lvl 33 Area – Delos Highlands

Lvl 35 Area – Underground Prison Guardpost

This sword is fake and contains nothing.

Lvl 39 Area – Land of Exile 8

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    The lvl 3 dungeon has a legendary circuit called crown of glory in it


      Blaze of glory*, also there is a crooked street vendor spawn in Japan desert 2, north east of the legendary sword spawn. Contains many mercenary emblems. Also, farming lvl 97-103 bosses on my main account has given me many purple and gold drops, which leads me to believe that all bosses have an über drop


    Screenshots please :D

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