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Inotia 4 Improved Treasure Box LocationsWelcome to my guide for Inotia 4 Improved Treasure Box Locations! On certain maps where small chests spawn their will be a chance for an Improved Chest to spawn in its place. I’ve noticed they are usually around mini bosses.

Once you find one you can exit and enter the map over and over to re-spawn it an infinite amount of times. The weapons and armor you find is usually the same level as the enemies on that map.

You can find every type of item in the game in these chest including weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, fusion machine ingredients, mercenaries, and coins. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

Lvl 6 Area – Inside Arnen Castle01

Lvl 8 Area – Goblins Lair 3

Lvl 12 Area – Goblin Prison 2

Lvl 13-14 Area – Goblins Lair 1

Lvl 24 Area – Shadow Swamp

Lvl 24 Area – Hwagan Canyon 2

Lvl 26 Area – Hwagan Canyon Cave 1

Lvl 26 Area – Hwagan Canyon Cave 3

Lvl 29 Area – Noxious Sanctum Basement 1

Lvl 33 Area – Delos Highlands

Lvl 33-34 Area – Red hoods Hideout Basement

Lvl 35 Area – Ben’s Mansion

This chest is fake and contains nothing.

Lvl 35 Area – Pendrick’s Deserted House

This chest is fake and contains nothing.

Lvl 39 Area – Land of Exile 8

Has a 20-25% spawn rate. Fastest way to farm is save right next to it and keep reloading.

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    Only at level 39? I’m level 105, max level. Its really hard to find one, only novice jew and its 10% only to get, is there anyway ti farm jew? Stand jew, advance jew

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