Jan 262015

Inotia 4 How To Get GemsIf your wondering in Inotia 4 how to get gems you have 4 different options. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

1. Log in each day to get your daily bonus and on the 4th, 7th, and 12th day you will get gems. If you forget to get the bonus one day you have to start all over.

2. You can do free offers by going into your menu and selecting the banner at the bottom. This is the easiest and fastest way. For most offers you just have to install an app and run it.

3. Purchase the with real money at the store. You can get to the store with the button just below the save button. If you ask me you don’t get very many gems for what you have to spend considering how much stuff their is to buy.

4. Download a hacked version of Inotia 4 that will give you unlimited gems. I would be cautious as lots of third party apps online have viruses.

One of the best purchases you can make with gems would be the Infinite Bag that has 16 slots. Once you hit level 65 or so their is just to many things to carry.

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