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Inotia 4 Guide WikiThis Inotia 4 Guide Wiki goes over just about everything you’d need to know including the basics as well as some tips and tricks to give you the upper hand in battle!


Assassin – 2nd highest DPS Class and can dual wield.
Black Knight – This class is a tank and damage dealer. Able to summon swords for damage and diverting aggro.
Priest – Best healing class with great single target stun and able to put groups of enemies to sleep for crown control.
Ranger – This is a great support class that has a group healing skill and can summon a bear for an extra attacker and tank.
Warlock – Highest DPS class, rapid tap movement in one direction while rapid taping attack button at same time. This pretty much breaks the speed limit on attacking and sends damage through the roof. Great for slowing enemies making them an easy target for the rest of your party when their chasing you. Can wear Plate Mail!
Warrior – Is a great tank and damage class with stun skills. Can dual wield!

Stat Guide

Best Class
Best Team


Fusion Machine Unique Items Guide – Locations, where to get ingredients, and a list of unique items including stats.
How To Get Mithril
How To Get Leather
How To Get Jewels

Inotia 4 Boss & Bounty Guides, Gameplay, Locations

Crooked Street Vendor Locations
Improved Treasure Box Locations
Legendary Sword Locations

Daily Bonus
How To Get Gems

Cheat – How to redo equipment upgrade, dice rolls, merc rolls, chaos upgrades, and more by backing up save data and reloading when these things fail.

Inotia 4 on PC and Mac


Bags – Buying the max amount of 12 slot bags as early as possible is a good idea. There’s not much to spend money on in the early levels of Inotia 4 and the extra space makes sure you can pick up everything between stores. This works good up until about level 70 where there’s just a ton of stuff you want to hord. Update: Looks like you can’t buy 12 slot bags anymore. My guess is sales aren’t doing as good as they could be so they want you to buy the 16 slot bags or do free offers for crystals.

Dice – Dice are found randomly from battles or treasure box’s. You should roll dice as soon as possible as dice are a great way to raise all your stat points. When you roll a dice it will randomly re-adjust your current stats. If you don’t like whats rolled you can choose to keep your current stat set up. With dice I was able to raise every stat by 40+ points by level 70ish.

Fusion Machines – It is a good idea to try and purchase a few items from Fusion Machines with your weakest jewels. They have some of the best equipment in the game. I would recommend daggers for there high DPS. You can check out this Fusion Machine Guide for more info on locations, acquiring ingredients, and unique items.

Improved Treasure Box’s – Farming Improved Treasure Box Locations is a great way to get potions, weapon and armor scrolls, resurrection scrolls, gold, jewels, mercenaries, and armor and weapons that are usually about the same level as the enemies around the Improved Treasure Box. Where ever a small treasure box spawns there is a chance there could be a Improved Treasure Box, but not every small chest will spawn one. The average spawn rate is about 8ish screen loads, but can take as many as 20-30 screen loads to spawn, maybe more. Here are the Improved Treasure Box Locations.

Jewels – I would recommend saving the best jewels for higher level equipment. Good jewels to save would be ones that increase critical rate, critical damage, mp, mp regeneration, or any jewel that increases something by a large amount. Use your jewels with low stats for Fusion Machine Unique Items. Jewels in the front of your inventory will always be used first when making items at a Fusion Machine so put the jewels you want to keep at the back of your inventory like your last couple bags. You can combine 3 of the same type of jewel to make 1 that’s the next step up at Fusion Machines. Easiest way to get one is by re-rolling a lamp by saving before using and if Lamp Merchant doesn’t have one just exit to the main menu, reload your game, and try again. Also dropped by Bounties, Improved Treasure Boxes, and rarely by regular enemies.

Legendary Sword – This is a sword that will randomly appear on certain maps. When you find one you can exit and enter the map to make it re spawn. The drop rate of actually getting a weapon is very small sometimes. Some Black Knight mercenaries come with a bonus of 3% chance to get a unique item at a Legendary Sword. If you can get 2 for a 6% total this will help you get better items. Through my current playthrough I find being 5-8 levels higher than the monsters in the area gives me a much better chance at getting a weapon or armor. On some locations it seems like a 0% drop rate, but if i put my 2 3% bonus Black Knights in the party drop rate goes up to about 50%. I’ve been able to get Legendary armor from some swords which leads me to believe every one has its own uber item. Here are the Legendary Sword Locations.

Lamps – It always a good idea to keep a few lamps in your inventory. There a great way to sell items when your inventory is full and your far from a store. If you only use one when your inventory is full you should have to buy any, plus you can buy jewels and some good equipment once in awhile. Save before using a lamp and you can re-roll it if you don’t like what the stores selling. Just exit without saving and use the same lamp again.

Secondary Party – Ranged classes strike when you first attack an enemy. They also do more consistent damage to bosses when running. (Hint: The Tier 2 Warlock skill Blood Cures makes it very easy to kill enemy and boss melee attackers without being hit by running) Melee classes can take a few seconds to get into battle and cause damage so there not good for short fights. They would be better for a long fights and 3 Assassins would be max DPS.

Skills – You’ll have enough skill points by the end of the game to max out all but 2 or 3 skills. You can also find or make Supreme Elixirs that raise your skill points by one. Later in the game you’ll start to randomly find Skillbooks that level up skills past there maximum level, but only if the skill is maxed. Not sure what the max skill level is but the most I increased a skill past max with skillbooks was 2 levels.

Stats – Stats can be a little misleading and vary slightly between classes (Example: putting points in STR for a Priest does not raise attack damage with a weapon). Assassins have the highest possible DPS with normal attacks because they gain more attack damage from stats.

Terms and Definition
DMG – Increase skill related damage
M.DMG – Increases magic damage
CRT% – Chance to land a critical hit
H.RATE% – Improves chance to hit enemy
C.DMG% – Extra damage done by critical hit
DEF – Physical defense
P.RES% – Chance to resist physical damage
M.RES% – Chance to resist magic damage
EVD% – Chance to not take damage when being attacked
W.D.R% – Weapon Defense Rate
S.D.R% – Shield Defense Rate
HP – Hit Points, when they reach zero for all party members its game over and you have to reload last save
MP – Magic Points
Durability Enhancement – How many times an item can be upgraded with scrolls. You can gain multiple item levels with 1 scroll. Example: You use 5 scrolls but your item is +8.
ATK DMG – Attack damage with normal weapon

If you have any questions or would like us to add something to my Inotia 4 Guide feel free to mention it in the comments.




Inotia 4 Boss Walkthrough Gameplay

Lv Boss Name Lv Boss Name Lv Boss Name
3 Earl Grafton 48 Summoned Elementals 76 Chasers Chief East
7 Shin 51 Summoned Minotaur 76 Chasers Chief West
12 Queen Spider 55 Sandstorm Crew Captain 77 Alexander
13 Head Goblin 56 Trained Werewolves 85 Elf Seal Protector
16 Head Werewolf 59 White Head Goblin 88 Ivan’s Minion
19 Purity Stone Protector 63 Shin 90 Ivan
23 Cornette 65 Principle Guardian 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room South
27 Golem 64 Tindalrose 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room East
29 Zahad Kuruhatt 65 Blackhoods Boss 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room North
29 Contaminated Berkel Priest 67 Blackhoods Boss 90 Guardian Golem Sealed Room West
32 Mutated Abbot 69 Oogle Queen 92 Mutated Abbot
35 Redhood Bandits Boss 70 Chasers Scout Captain 91 Seal Protector
37 Captain of Arnen Chasers 71 Queen Spider 94 Lunatic Djinn
40 Lunatic Djinn 73 Chief Drow 99 ???
44 Berkel Dispatch Soldier 73 Tethered Oogle Queen 99 Alexander
46 Heresy Leader 74 Guardian Golem 100 Dragon Alexander
47 Baron Borgia 76 Chasers Chief North

Inotia 4 Bounty Walkthrough Gameplay

Lv Bounty Name Lv Bounty Name Lv Bounty Name
10 Alligator Turtle 34 Viper Black Mamba 68 Enraged Cave Rat
11 Savage Rat 35 Thief Gunnishe 68 Bewitched Oogle
12 Black Vampire Bat 36 Revealed Spy Duhammel 70 Red Flower Shrubber
12 Tarantula Spider 42 Vicious Ghost 71 Enraged Wing Slime
12 Goblin Warden 42 Boss Skeleton 72 Elite Drow’s Soul
14 Goblin Swordsman Magnatue 44 Enraged Shrubber 79 Iceshell Turtle
16 Death-stalker Scorpion 46 Shadow’s Senior Priest Traitor 80 Frost Werewolf
16 Porcupin Cactus 48 Prisoner 81 Purification Cave Watcher
17 Killer Werwolf Jack 50 Jeff The Wanted Criminal 84 Cannibal Grauple
19 Starving Maggots 27 Hwagan Brown Bear 88 Enraged Journal
20 Steelbox Mimic 51 Arnen Mutated Scorpion 87 Chief Elf’s Soul
23 Demon Scriptures 55 Meadow Savage Turtle 93 Dark Praising Forbidden Book
25 Legendary Silverwolf 59 Lunatic White Goblin Warrior 94 Ancient Mutated Poison Spider
28 Slayer Jurupaz 61 Vicious Werewolf 95 Rebel Remains
29 Branded Spirit 65 Wild Wolf 97 Uncontrollable Guardian
33 Rednosed Swamp Turtle 67 Poisonous Forest Spider 97 Wicked Drow Archer Figure
32 Nibbler Mimics
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    I’m stuck at a house in empire capital alley 3 after defeating baron borgia..must be a bug/glitch or something else… how can I escape?




    Please help me..
    How can I get enter to the cave in south pendrik. Thank’s so much..


    Ayuda….voy en beacon hill rooftop pero no se que hacer o para donde ir por favor que debo hacer


    How can I use 8 slots bag? Every time i use it, it says “There is no empty space.”
    What should I do?


    Why can’t I attack the red hood bandits boss? and it does not attack me also.


    Touch one of your bags (the white ones) and then unequip it then equip your baggy and voila! Baggy equipped.


    there is a glitch and i cant continue the game from snowfield with the berkel army chasing me


    hey, i play on the iphone 6. i have blue and unique items that i know had the extra blue stats like vit 3 and dex 2 on them. but now they dont show up anymore when i go on the item. why is that?


    i defeat the final memory but im still stuck in the same aea


    I’m stock in room of trials. I defeated other kiyan several times but I can’t make it on the monster


    I have a warlock accnt and equip with the last fusion machine recipe build with crit rate jewel socket … crit rate around 80℅ but still can’t defeat the final boss ..
    . why … I try to chaos my warlock staff but nothing happen it change its color name into red but it has the same stats … i farm lot of jewels to combine chaos jewels for nothing I can’t defeat the final boss … I playing inotia for 5 months and spend farming to complete the final set for my party and then I can’t defeat the tentacle bastard


    Assassin: The fastest and most Evasive DPS class which uses “Freeze Element” and “Poison Element”. It have skills which can kill it’s enemy in just one hit. It is specialized for Dual Dagger Wield but you can use Dagger for the right hand for speed and speed won’t matter for the left hand because of it hits with certain chance so try equiping it with the most damaging weapon you get so i recommend using Axe or Blunt weapon for damage.
    Phyaical damage: High
    Magical Damage Moderate
    Defense: Low
    EVD: High
    H.rate: High
    CRT: High
    S.D.R: Depend on equipment
    W.D.R: Depend on equipment
    HP: Moderate/Low
    Aggro Receiving Rate: 93%

    Warrior:A tank class which doesn’t use any element or it uses Freeze Element.It has skills which can hit serveral enemies at once however it is not much of an Aggro Receiver or an Aggro Taker which doesn’t make it much of a great tanking class but is a great physical damager and though it is specialized for Two Handed weapon type it can be used for Dual Wield and Shield Wield.
    Physical Damage: High
    Magical Damage: Low
    Defense: High
    EVD: Moderate
    CRT: Low
    H.rate: Moderate
    W.D.R: Depends on equipment
    S.D.R: Depends on equipment
    Aggro Receivin Rate: 85%

    Priest: A tank and a DPS class which uses “Divinity Element”. It has alot of healing skills and it can Stun it’s enemies for 3 seconds which is pretty long and it can absorb the damage which the enemies does plus it can lower the Magic Damage resistant of it’s enemies which can be very useful for a magic using class. It doesn’t do alot of Physical Damage but does high Magical Damage.It is a shield wielding class and it is specialized for Blunt type weapon and can use One handed weapons except Longswords and it can equip Staffs and Orbs which makes it both a Tank and a DPS.
    Physical Damage: Low
    Magical Damage: High
    Defense: Depends on the equipment choice(Plate Armor/Cloth Armor)
    EVD: Low
    H.rate: Moderate
    CRT: Moderate
    S.D.R: Depends on equient type
    W.D.R: Depends on equipment type
    HP: High
    Aggro Receiving Rate: 72%

    Black Knight: A tank class which uses “Fire Element”.It is balanced in both Magic and Physical Attacks and is the 2nd in getting the Aggro but is the 1st one in taking the Aggro.
    Physical Attack: Moderate
    Magical Attack: Moderate
    Defense: Moderate
    EVD: Low
    CRT: Low
    H.rate: Moderate
    S.D.R: Depends on the equipments
    W.D.R: Depends on the equipments
    HP: High
    Aggro Receiving Rate: 97%

    Ranger: A DPS who attacks from far behind using “Wind Element”. Ranger is a long-ranged attacker with a party healing skill Called “Nature Affinity” which similiars to the skill “Light Command” which uses 100 MP and it can summon a bear to attack and hold the Aggro.It is Specialized for both Bow and Crossbows and since it is not likely to get attacked you should be weqring leather armor for its CRT rate bonus.
    Physical Damage: Moderate
    Magical Damage: High
    Defense: Moderate
    EVD: High
    H.rate: High
    CRT: High
    S.D.R: Depends on equipment
    W.D.R: Depends on equipment
    HP: Moderate
    Aggro Receiving Rate: Low

    Warlock: A DPS class which attacks from far behind using “Darkness Element”. Although it is a DPS it is the 1st Aggro Receiver due to its high magical damage it have the capibality to slow it’s enemies and absorbing their HP at the same time and can kill it’s enemy easily and it can summon a Pawn to get and hold the Aggro though it can die easily. It is specialized for Staffs and Orbs, though this class should be wearing Cloth Armor but since it will be getting the Aggro more then the tank in the party it is good to keep a strong Plate Armor and a lot of potions since it can die easily as it can kill it’s enemies easily.
    Physical Damage: Low
    Magical Damage: Extreme
    Defense: Low
    EVD: Moderate
    H.rate: High
    CRT: High
    S.D.R: Depends on equipment
    W.D.R: Depends on equipment
    HP: Low
    Aggro receiving Rate: 100%

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