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Inotia 4 Fusion Machine Unique Items GuideWelcome to the Inotia 4 Fusion Machine Unique Items Guide! Below you’ll find a list of all items including their stats and where to find the proper ingredients for a recipe in that area. I’ll also include the location of all the Fusion Machines including ones where your not able to get new items via a quest. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

Improved Treasure Boxes are the best place to get ingredients. Here’s a guide showing their locations.

How To Get Mithril
How To Get Leather
How To Get Jewels

Note: When you pass up the Fusion Machine Missions their gone for good so make sure to do the missions for the items you want before you move on.

Lvl 3 Area – Shadow Hall



Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart

Slayers Crossbow

Slayers Crossbow

Impassivity Blade

Impassivity Blade



All ingredients can be obtained in the area.

Mithril – Drops randomly from all enemies and boxes in the area and can re-roll a lamp by saving before using then reload game if the Lamp Dealer doesn’t have one.

Leather – Best way to get is by farming boxes between Hanun Forest 1 and Hanun. Just go back and forth between areas until one of the first enemies you see when loading the screen is a box. You can walkthrough the area, but it will take considerably longer. Shadow Warehouse is good for boxes, but they have a low drop rate.

Novice Jewel – Easiest way to get is re-rolling a lamp by saving before using then reload game if the Lamp Dealer doesn’t have one. You can buy lamps from the merchant in Shadow Hall and if you need more coin you can farm the Legendary Weapon in the Shadow Training Dungeon 1 that has a drop rate of about 80%. The weapons will sell for 50 copper or more. Randomly dropped by the 2 mini bosses and rarely by regular enemies.

Lvl 8 Area – Hakan Desert 2

Mithril – Found in boxes, dropped by enemies, and found in the Improved Treasure Box in Goblins Lair 3.

Leather – Found in boxes, dropped by enemies like Vampire Bats and Cave Mouses in Goblin Lair 2 and 3, and found in the Improved Treasure Box in Goblins Lair 3.

Novice Jewel – Dropped by enemies, but the easiest place to find one is the Improved Treasure Box in Goblins Lair 3.

Lvl 14 Area – Hakan Desert 5

Berserker Helm

Berserker Helm

Cat Ears

Cat Ears

Light Sandels

Light Sandels

Balrog Mail

Balrog Mail

Mithril – Drops from boxes and enemies in East Kamuran. Has small chance of dropping from all enemies and boxes.

Leather – Found in boxes and drops from cactus and other enemies.

Magic Cloth – Found in boxes

Novice Jewel – Lamp Merchant, Bounties, rare drop from enemies

Lvl 15 Area – Dwarf Village

This Fusion Machine is in the same area as the Hakan Desert 5 one above.

Lvl 23 Area – Steel Orc Village

All ingredients can be found in the Improved Treasure Box in Shadow Swamp

Mithril – Boxes, rare drop from all enemies

Leather – Boxes

Magic Cloth – Boxes

Novice Jewel – Rare drop from enemies, Bounties,

Lvl 29 Area – Noxious Sanctum Basement 1

Blade of Hell

Blade of Hell

Heart Extortionist

Heart Extortionist

Dual Master

Dual Master

Searing Crystal

Searing Crystal

All ingredients can be found in the Improved Treasure Box in the other Noxious Sanctum Basement 1.

Mithril – Rarely in boxes, rare drop by all enemies, Bounties

Leather – Boxes, dropped by most enemies

Magic Cloth – Boxes, dropped by some enemies

Novice Jewel – Lamp farming: save before using and reload if you didn’t get what you wanted, Rare drop from enemies

Standard Jewel – Lamp farming: save before using and reload if you didn’t get what you wanted, combine Novice Jewels at Fusion Machine

Lvl 30 Area – Pendrik Village

All ingredients can be found by farming the Delos Highlands Improved Treasure Box.

Lvl 41 Area – Shadow Hall

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  20 Responses to “Inotia 4 Fusion Machine Unique Items Guide”


    May I ask a question about fusion machine?

    I keep doing the quest on every fusion machine, but after I completed it, and used the scroll, I keep getting the same item, is there a way to get another item?

    Or am I just insanely unlucky?


    Sir. after lvl 41 fusion machine. there are no other scroll quest for other unique item in the fusion machine?


      There are, this wiki isn’t complete. FYI don’t get long swords; they are the worst of the fusion machine recipies


    I’m halfway through the elvensactuary and out of resurrect scrolls. Is there any way to get more?


    Is that all the items? No weapon for a priest? I think I was able to forge one with hell crazy low drop on my old priest account.


    You can get a “Tyrant’s Iron Mace” from the level 29 area, noxious sanctum, as well. It’s stats are pretty good too.


    I got Durandal as a drop from the Voracious Maggots in Mine Undergrounds B3


    Thanks for the guide but is this complete?


    Hi, Im around lv75 now and Im in the snow elf’s village at the Moment… Is there a chance to get a dagger lv7x from the Fusion machien??? Ive got already a crossbow, a bow, staff, 2 hand sword and 1h sword… Im afraid there’s no chance of getting one??


    I got many Unique items recently lik “Heavy Armor” lvl 67, Leather Armor S rank – lvl 61 but i am around 76lvl and i am in Drow Soul Village , the fusion machine fuse only the Death Mail and Blood Conqurer…?? why??? isn’t there any other item fusion for this machine?? i tried like 5 times geting the same Blood Conquerer alas…. :) I think your guide is incomplete… Please add some more guide like up to 100 lvl,… Thanks


    where can I get the recipe of impassivity impassivity blade?


    Can you please make a guide about Warrior that uses 2 handed sword.


    Is there still anyone playing this game? Right now i only just reached Snow Fey Village.

    I also use the data from here as a guide to play this game. Just for additional fun, i make a list of Fusion recipes until Snow Fey Village. you can see it in my blog.
    Feel free to comment, especially if you want to add more recipes that i missed.


    It’s an remarkable post in support of all the internet people;
    they will get benefit from it I am sure.


    Seriously you should complete this guide like your guide on machine knight that guide took me like an hour to read.


    has anyone got a violet-named item here? cause i got 3. two was hat, a witch hat and santa hat and the other one was crown, blue crown (forgot their names). my character was warlock and finished the game.

    anybody tell me how to get violet weapons? is it possible when i find 4 sockets and use chaos in fusion machine and chaos jewels? thanks!


    the tentacle bastard always regenerating after summoning some minions … i try to buy lot of improved resu scroll … but still his regeneration is shit … my warlock equip with crit rate build … i have a spare equipment focus on defence but the critical rate damage is a bit low so it useless .

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