Jan 262015

Inotia 4 Crooked Street Vendor LocationsWelcome to my guide for Inotia 4 Crooked Street Vendor Locations! The Crooked Street Vendor is a merchant who appears randomly in certain areas. The chance of him spawning is usually much less than Improved Treasure Boxes or Legendary Swords. They have the best equipment and items you can buy throughout the game. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

Lvl 11 Area – Spider’s Liar 1

This guy spawns in the wall. Note the yellow dot on the map. Just walk up to the wall until the screen says Crooked Street Vendor then hit the button.

Lvl 26 Area – Hwagan Canyon Cave 1

Lvl 26 Area – Bone Orc District 2

Lvl 27 Area – Fort Of Screams Floor 3

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