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Inotia 4 CheatsThese Inotia 4 cheats go over how to maximize equipment upgrades, re-roll mercs, dice, and other types of upgrades by backing up your save. This works for iPhone users and Rooted Android users. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

Break Attack Speed Limit!

Warlock can break the speed limit set on attacking by rapid tapping movement in one direction while rapid tapping the attack button at the same time. This makes it by far the highest DPS class and is just like cheating. Check out the video below to see it in action!

iPhone Save Backup Cheat

1. Open iFunBox and choose iFunBox Classic

2. On left column goto Folder View then Root File System > Var > Mobile > Application > Inotia 4 app > Documents > and choose a folder that contains save0.dat, save1.dat, save2.dat to backup.

3. Choose which save you want to backup, then click on ‘Copy to PC’ to save anywhere.

4. Make upgrades to your equipment and/when you fail or don’t get +2 Enhancement restore save with step.

5. Go back to Root File System > Var > Mobile > Application > Inotia 4 app > Documents > save folder, choose ‘Copy From PC’ to then the file you backed up.

Android Save Backup Cheat (Rooted)

1. Get a file explorer like ES File Explorer

2. Go to data > data > com.com2us.inotia4.normal.freefull.google.global.android.common >
and one of the 2 folders will have your saved game.

3. Copy saved game to another location. Best place would be to create a new folder in save folder.

4. If upgrades don’t work just copy and replace original save. If they do work replace backup and repeat if needed.

Non Root or Backup Technique for Both

You can re-roll the blue stats on quest and bounty rewards by saving before turning in the quest and simply reloading save from main menu.

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