Nov 152014

Below are Inotia 4 Cheats & Tips for Android and iOS/iPhone/iPad users that can help you out through the tough times and make things funner. No root is needed to use any of this information.


- Fast Wizard Attack

When using the Inotia 4 Wizard class you can rapid tap the attack button and the direction pad to shoot projectiles much faster than usual. This cheat can be used to dramatically increase the damage output of your ranged magic users. This only works for Wizard classes wielding staffs or orbs.


- Easy Money

Inotia 4 Tips Improved Treasure ChestOften throughout game play you will find random chests that appear. You can continuously re-enter the area to re-spawn the chest so you may loot it again and again. Every once in a awhile you’ll find black and gray Improved Treasure Chests that can pack a load of loot and is capable of dropping 5 or more items and cash at one time. Farming the big one over and over will get you more than enough gold to by the best gear plus find some great magic drops in the process.

The Improved Treasure Chests seem to appear every 3 or 4 screen, but only on certain screens. They can often be found in areas next to each other and seems to spawn by large enemies and at dead ends.

- Crooked Street Vendor

Inotia 4 Cheats & Tips Crooked Street VendorIn some areas there is a chance for a secret merchant to appear that sells lots of stuff you’d never be able to buy at any other store in the game like ingredients and super buff items for a cheap price. He only shows up in specific areas that don’t change and the odds seem to be about 1 in 10 to 1 in 20 re-load of and area to get him to spawn. Watch out for any different dot that appear on your map.

Below are the Crooked Vendors I have found so far though there is sure to be more further in the game:

Spider’s Liar 1 – Lv 11, he appears as a dot on the very south side and you’ll have to wiggle your way through a crack in the wall to reach him.
Hwagan Canyon Cave 1 – Lv 26
Bone Orc District 2 – Lv 26
Fort Of Screams Floor 3 – Lv 27

- Legendary Sword

Inotia 4 Legendary SwordThis sword can be pulled out much easier by having as many Black Knight in your party as possible, just switch to 3 of them when you try to pull it. You can sometime find a BK with a specific buff that gives you a better chance of pulling the sword. If you are successful you can find random weapons that can be regular or legend quality and only legend armor. Each location seems to have it’s own legend item.

These also appear at only specific location and then randomly so go in and out of an area to get it to show up.


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