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Inotia 4 Best TeamUPDATE – Warlock can break the speed limit set on attacking by rapid tapping movement in one direction and rapid tapping the attack button at the same time. This makes it by far the highest DPS class.

Welcome to the Inotia 4 Best Team guide! First off to have a specific group takes a lot of luck or crystals from free offers or purchase. You can’t just choose who you want to play with. It all boils down to finding those rare mercs with lots of skills. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

I’m sure someone else could have a different opinion on which group is the best, but for me it’s main character Priest, Ranger, Warlock and this is why.


  • Has the most effective single and group healing. This is very useful for survival as potions have a cool down time and can’t always be there for you.
  • Can stun most enemies and bosses for 3 seconds which dramatically reduces their damage output.
  • Can put large groups of foes to sleep and is very useful for crowd control and retreating.
  • Use a dagger for a weapons. Highest DPS of all weapons.


  • Can summon a bear to attack, take damage, and take agro.
  • Also has a very effective group heal.
  • Since this class has ranged attacks he will start fighting immediately when battle is initiated. Where as a melee class has to run up to the target first reducing their effectiveness in short battles or hit and runs on bosses. Hit and runs are when a class attacks an enemy then runs and let’s the other teammates attack while the bad guy chases you around. Most bosses can be taken down very easy using this tactic.


  • See beginning of post for update on secret attack move.
  • Can summon a Hell Spawn that attacks, takes damage, and removes agro from other teammates. Can also stun surrounding bad guys.
  • Has a VERY effective slow skill that reduces an enemies movement speed by a large amount. When the Priests stun won’t work use this skill. Makes most bosses look like a little kitten when used with hit and run.
  • Damage increases when anyone in your party takes damage.

In a fight its going to be 5 on 1 almost all of the time and your summons will take most or all of the damage by the time a battle is over. For boss battles I would get agro on the Priest the use the Warlocks slow skill and just run around until your ranged fighters finish him off.

It would also be fun to have 3 Assassins since they have the highest DPS! If you have any input on a Inotia 4 Best Team feel free to leave it in the comments.

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    Guess what? I found another best team: Assasin, Black Knight and Priest. This is for people that haven’t attacked the Arnen Boss or Cornette. However, the Assasin and Black Knight have to be Level 25 for battling Cornette or 39-40 for the Arnen Boss. The priest can be Level 19-20 or Level 24-31.
    You might be saying I’m a noob, but it works. It takes 2 trys for battling Cornette and 2-3 trys for Arnen Boss.


      Ok, so best team changed. For all you noobs, during the lvl 15-23 time, the boss was CORNETTE. And if you have Inotia 4 PLUS, heres the way to beat (You need every single class of mercenary and Assasin Kiyan. like me): Cont.Slash, Whist, Poison, Cont.Slash (Get MANA GEMS if there are) Join strongest mercenary (like Priest but only one), Run in circles 4 times and make sure mercenary hits enemy while running, “out” the mercenary, Whist, Poison, Cont.Slash, Spirit Blade, Whist, Poison. THATS IT.


    Ranger (main), warrior and ranger for me. There you’ll have good and fast damage output, good healing, good tanking and stun. The final boss wasn’t much of a trouble for me with them.


    Best team for me: warlock as main, priest and warrior ( both equipped with shields) i was able to dfeat alexander alone, without death, using only my main which is warlock. Also my doppleganger. It’s so effective that from lvl 55 to 97 i didnt change my weapons (weapons from fusion machine), just changing armors from loots…… Their skills complement each other well, warriors dealing damage, diverting aggro and tanking and debuffing. Then there’s my warlock who deals tremendous damage and slow. Last but not not the least the healer :) figure out the combination of our skills haha :).
    Btw, i use axe and shield for the warrior while blade as weapon for the priest :)


    BK, priest, warlock. Tanking higher classes with huge armor and hp is the only way. Warlock always dies anyway he’s so squishy. This is, unless you want to be cheap use assasin and go whist, assassin sword, repeat till boss dies. Got pretty far with assasin and two priests but beefy tank is critical at endgame that can pull aggro


      Warlocks aren’t squishy they are the most damging class and they get the most aggro in boss fights.You just need to equip it with plate armor


    Assassin’s the best class tbh world well with any team


    All ranger=6 vs 1 and a good heal with high CRT and DMG and the best part is that the enemy mostly won’t even get to them.
    Assassin(Alone)=May seems hard and long but if you follow these combos you can remove the hard part. Combo=Poison,Energy Bodhi,Whist,Dark Attack/Assassin’s Sword,life Potion,Repeat.
    Warlock,Ranger,Priest= Warlock-Blood Curse,Touch of Agony,Hell Pawn,Pawn’s Scream,Burn Sacrifice,Hell Fire. Ranger-Ambush,Aimed Shot,Multiple Shot,Mana Arrow,Beast’s Companion,Nature Affinity,Repeat. Priest- Divine Strike,Hammer of Wrath,Blinding Flash,Celestial Lighting,Hammer of Wrath,Apostle of Light,Light Command,Repeat.
    Warrior is a berserk so you an make your own combo .
    Black Knight is the Best Aggro holder so Shield Bash will ome first and the rest is up to you.
    And i just want to tell all of you that there is no best class or team.

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