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Inotia 4 Best ClassUPDATE – Warlock can break the speed limit set on attacking by rapid tapping movement in one direction and rapid tapping the attack button at the same time. This makes it by far the highest DPS class.

I would have to say the Inotia 4 best class to make the game easy would be the Priest. Priests are a tank healing class that can wear the best armor. They also have the highest physical attack damage gained for stat increases which is .9 for 1 stat in INT and/or MEN (Example: If I hit an enemy with a normal weapon and did 10 damage, by putting 1 stat point in either INT or MEN I would increase that damage to 10.9, here is a chart that shows this information for all classes). With little or no stat points in VIT and upgraded armor this class can easily stay alive with light healing allowing for more points to be put in INT and/or MEN to maximize normal attack and skill damage. Check out the Inotia 4 Guide Wiki for all you need to succeed!

There is something better than the Priest though, and that’s 2 Priests! If you rotate the Hammer of Wrath skill between 2 Priests you can have an enemy in an almost complete stun state making all stun-able enemies including bosses zero threat 1 on 1 (Most enemies and less than 1/2 of bosses in the game are stun-able). You also get the Blinding Flash skill which deals damage to enemies, puts enemies to sleep for 6 seconds, and heals party members, all in a very large radius. Juggle this between 2 Priests and you have some serious crowd control.

I got lucky in the beginning and found a Rare Priest Mercenary and Rare Ranger Mercenary that worked really good together because of the Rangers Spirit of Nature heal skill and Beast Companion skill which summons a bear for 15 seconds that attacks and takes damage like a tank. The cooldown on Beast Companion is low enough that the bear can always be available too.

Some Mercenaries have bonuses that raise the chance of getting a Rare Mercenary so its a good idea to have them temporally join your party before using a Mercenary Emblem. You can easily farm Mercenary Emblems at Improved Treasure box locations like Goblin’s Lair 3 and Shadow Swamp. I liked to use 2 Priests on my first play-through and try out the other classes in the 3rd player spot as I played the game. This made the gameplay more relaxing and enjoyable.

Another Inotia 4 Best Class would be the Assassin. There DPS is highest, they use the fastest strongest weapon which is daggers, and the easiest best weapons to get are daggers. Here’s an Assassin Build.

Inotia 4 Boss Walkthrough Gameplay

[table id=4 /]

Inotia 4 Bounty Walkthrough Gameplay

[table id=5 /]

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    Help help!! How do you get from the hakan desert back to the empire!! I can’t find a way :(( Thanks in advance!!!

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