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Inotia 3 Templar BuildWelcome to my Inotia 3 Templar Build! The Templar is not only the best tank, but also the best class in the whole game. First time players should choose this guy which will make the game less challenging and more enjoyable. Be sure to check out the Inotia 3 Guide for all you need to succeed!

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Your better off choose the fastest weapon you can find com paired to one that may do more damage. They may not hit as hard, but they’ll do much more damage over a period of time.


You can wear the strongest armor in the game which is Plate.


Tier 1 – All winners!

Touch of Light - Heals 1 player

Justice Strike - Damage and stun target for 2 seconds

Defense Skill (P) - Increases shield block chance.

Blade Enchantment (P) - Chance to have your weapon do extra damage.

Tier 2

Justice Cry - Causes Damage and gets enemies to attack you instead of your teammates.

Holy Strike - Causes damage and reduces enemies magic defense making magic classes more effective.

Passion (P) - Increases HP and Mama regeneration. Very valuable.

Weapon Specialization (P) - Increases normal and magic attack damage. Increases hit chance.

Tier 3

Holy Cry - Pushes enemies back and sends them running in terror for 4 seconds.

Barrier of Light - Dramatically increases you parties defense and give you magic resistance.

Holy Shield (P) - Reflects damage when your shields blocks an attack.

Shield Training (P) - When shield is equip increases all defense and shield block rate.

Tier 4

Wrath of Heaven - Causes AOE damage with a chance to stun.

Sword of Fury - Increases activation chance for the Blade Enchantment skill.

Guardian Incarnate (P) - Gives you a 10% chance to block 30% or more of all damage.

Holy Wrath (P) - Gives your Blade Enchantment skill an AOE effect.

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