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Inotia 3 Rogue BuildWelcome to my Inotia 3 Rogue Build! This class has the highest DPS of all because he can use daggers.He also has a great skill to disappear from battle to avoid damage, can stun foes, and can put a group of enemies to sleep for some decent crowd control.

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Its best to use a dagger in your main hand for maximum DPS the use the hardest hitting weapon in your off hand since speed isn’t a factor.


You are limited to cloth and leather. You can’t wear helmets or shields.


Tier 1

Hiding – Lets you escape battle by going invisible. Good for hiding when your about to die.

Assassination – One of you most used skills. Damages single target.

Swiftness (P) – Increases evasion and magic resistance.

Abrasiveness (P) – Whenever you land a critical you damage and attack speed increase for a short time.

Tier 2

Shadow Raid – Teleports behind target and causes damage with a chance to stun. One of your most used skills. Must be right next to target to teleport when in water.

Poison – Causes damage and lowers an enemies HP ever second for 8 sec. Good for hit and runs on bosses.

Efficient Combat (P) – When you evade an attack you recover Mana and your critical strike chance increases for 6 sec. Great for keeping your Mana full during long battles.

Dual Weapon (P) – Increases the chance of your off hand weapon doing damage during normal attacks.

Tier 3

Needle of Sleep (AOE) – Causes damage to surrounding enemies and puts them to sleep for 4+ sec. Great for crowd control and escaping battles when to many baddies join in.

Trick Attack – Causes damage and increases you evasion rate. Very useful for bosses.

Killer’s Vibe (P) – Increase critical hit chance while hiding.

Sensible Dodge (P)After being hit by a critical evasion increases for 6 sec.

Tier 4

Lethal Poison – Causes damage and if enemy becomes poisoned it spreads to surrounding bad guys.

Extreme Dodge – Increases evasion for a certain amount of time.

Deadly Blow (P) – Chance to stun when attacking from hiding. Also increases Assassination attack rate.

Smoke Bomb (P) – After landing a critical you have a chance to hide. Can be annoying for a main character due to always having to keep an eye out to hit the attack button or your guy just stands their doing nothing.

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