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Inotia 3 Best ClassThe Inotia 3 Best Class has to be the Templar. He starts of with a stun and heal skill, can wear the best armor which is plate mail, and has protection buffs for the whole party making this guy a very effective tank.

It’s not a very good feeling finding a nice piece of plate armor and not being able to wear it either. Most of his skills a very useful and his passive ones are probably the most useful of all class.

It seems like these games always give you hints on what direction to take and in the very beginning they let you play a buffed out Templar. Be sure to check out the Inotia 3 Guide for all you need to succeed!

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Usable Weapons

Long Sword


Double-fist Sword


Double Fisted

Usable Armor

Everything including shields and plate mail.

Templar Skills

Tier 1 – All winners!

Touch of Light – Heals 1 player

Justice Strike – Damage and stun target for 2 seconds

Defense Skill – Increases shield block chance. Passive.

Blade Enchantment – Passive chance to have your weapon do extra damage.

Tier 2

Justice Cry – Causes Damage and gets enemies to attack you instead of your teammates.

Holy Strike – Causes damage and reduces enemies magic defense making magic classes more effective.

Passion – Passively increases HP and Mama regeneration. Very valuable.

Weapon Specialization – Increases normal and magic attack damage. Increases hit chance. Passive.

Tier 3

Holy Cry – Pushes enemies back and sends them running in terror for 4 seconds.

Barrier of Light – Dramatically increases you parties defense and give you magic resistance.

Holy Shield – Passively reflects damage when your shields blocks an attack.

Shield Training – When shield is equip increases all defense and shield block rate.

Tier 4

Wrath of Heaven – Causes AOE damage with a chance to stun.

Sword of Fury – Increases activation chance for the Blade Enchantment skill.

Guardian Incarnate – Passively give you a 10% chance to block 30% or more of all damage.

Holy Wrath – Passively gives your Blade Enchantment skill an AOE effect.

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    I agree that the templar is one of the best, but the mage can tank and it’s a great crowd control. The golem can tank like a boss and you can put anyone to support the attack, like a archer or a rogue, that are more fragile. The golem can agro very easelly and can be summoned very fast in the late game. In the beginning it might be a little hard, since it doesn’t have high hp, but later things get different.

    I think the templar it’s a boring gameplay. Just agro and let the other guys kill. His passives are awesome to tank, but you lack in attack power. Even if you do a attack templar, which is a terrible choice, his offensive passives won’t help that much. Anyway, it’s a great class and the defensive skills and passives make him a utlimate tanker.

    My top 3? 1 – Mage; 2 – Warrior; 3 – Templar
    My greatest challenge? Use a rogue as a tank, with evade as main defense. Super fun and super hard.


    Well,I’m using a templar and his level 95 with some of my companions,mage level 90 and barbarian level 94.I think it’s the best team since the mage can spawn golem,the barbarian can spin and the templar can use his defence thingy on his companions.If there’s anything I missed please consider sharing.Thanks for reading.


    How do you get pass level 40-42?

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