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Hill Climb Racing Xmas TreesHill Climb Racing Xmas Trees look pretty neat with all those presents under them. Unfortunately, looking good is about the only thing they do. The coins drawn like chocolates make me want to eat delicious treats till I’m sick in the face. Enough to make me want to get up a leave the house for them.

Is this what i have to look forward to, subliminal messages in games that make me want to leave what I’m doing to go binge spend? I think were gonna have to start drawing some lines in the sand.

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Hill Climb Racing Xmas Trees

The best vehicles for Xmas Trees would be big and heavy ones. The new Moon Lander can fly over them without even touching. It will use up a lot of fuel though making it not so good for the long haul. With higher upgrades the Moon lander would probably do better than most. It can be trick to fly and control at time, especially at high speeds.

Other good choice are going to be something that has a lot of weight, above average traction, and can hold more fuel. In later parts of the stage trees will be put specifically in hard areas, say at the top of a hill making falling backwards a threat.

If your completely lost the Tank is a great all around ride that will dominate on most stages, letting you bank up on those bonuses.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about check out the video below. It can give someone an idea of what they might be dealing with in the future.

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