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Hill Climb Racing VehiclesHill Climb Racing Vehicles and Upgrades information are below including description, upgrade cost, best and worst level for each ride, records, and more. You can easily waste coins by spending on the wrong thing. Knowing what to get and where to use it can be the difference between weeks and months of grinding. The info below will help you make the best choices when it come to spending more wisely.

One of the main things to know in order to be successful in this game is that “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. Though you won’t actually win, because it goes on forever, slowing down to handle bigger obstacles will often be the difference between winning and losing.

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Hill Climb Racing Vehicles

A list of all the vehicle in Hill Climb Racing including pictures, descriptions, which levels are the best and worse for each, total cost to upgrade to the max, and records of the top scores.

Dragster – Can flip upside down easy on steep inclines that will get you stuck without ending the level, loosing coins earned as a direct result. Fun to drive, but that’s about it, way to fragile.

Dune Buggy – Powerful with cliffs and hills sending you into crazy spins usually resulting in some random accident.

Hovercraft – Not slowed by water and suited for Beach on other ares with liquid qualities. If you land upside down it’s probably over.

Jeep – A beginner ride that doesn’t have much to offer. Great for getting on your feet!

Kiddie Express – Great for getting all the coins and long distances. Tapping the accelerator giving it just enough to get up the next hump and never over doing it to cause flames is a healthy way to make it far. Has a large capacity for gas making it #1 for longevity. Because of it’s 3 section make up flipping over can be avoided batter than and other transportation. If the ride gets too bumpy you’ll loose one of your car making it much less difficult to wipe out. Not good on hilly missions as they eventually get too big and you can’t get over them due to lack of power.

Monster Truck – Beats out the Quad Bike in most areas besides a little less traction. Above average controls with tons of usability. Your not throwing your coins away on this one.

Motocross Bike – Nothing special, fun to drive and very fragile.

Onewheeler – Always wants to lean forward at high speeds. Can easily flip and break neck.

Quad Bike – Rotates easily in air causing crashes more frequently. Falls behind the Monster Truck in just about every area except traction, but only slightly.

Race Car – Can flip and crash if given too much throttle at higher upgrade levels. Seems to have better control with less rotating at top speeds.

Rally Car – Hugs the ground better than a Race Car, but your still a likely to break your neck.

Snow Mobile – Made for snow levels without trees. Can do well grinding revenue on the Moon.

Super Diesel 4×4 – Very flippy.

Tank – A great all around ride that can dominate on just about every level. Your not wasting coins on this guy.

Tourist Bus – Can flip going down big hills.

Tractor – The picture may imply that this ride should be used on the Forest level, this would be incorrect as it flips easy making others a much better solution. Very back heavy and can break neck easy.

Truck – Pounds through tree’s like their blades of grass…almost, but the #1 tool for doing so. Like the Tank, you can easily get a return on your investment pumping coins into this thing.

Total Upg Cost - This is the total amount of coins you will have to spend in order to fully upgrade the given vehicle.

Best Level - This is the level in which the particular vehicle excels or is made for entirely.

Worst level - These would be levels that are hard to make decent coins while grinding

Records - High scores submitted by users and from other website.

Vehicle Upgrades

The info below shows what each individual level upgrade costs along with a comparison and has definitions for specific parts so you can know what to expect before spending. Each ride can only have a max of 4 different areas to improve. You can also find the definitions to these upgrades in the final purchase window when spending coins on your ride.

Engine – Better engine parts resulting in more power. Helps you climb hills and jump long distances. Goes hand in hand with grip. If you only increase power without adding better tires, tracks, or 4WD you’ll find no improvement in performance on slippery levels. That’s because without increased traction your power never meets the road. Improving both at the same rate is almost a must for max performance.

Suspension – Improves stability at high speed and makes you less bouncy on bumps keeping you glued to the ground.

Tires - Grip the ground more for increased acceleration and breaking. Makes hills sad.

4WD – Gives you better traction. Stacks with tires for some extra good grip.

Tracks – Like tires, improves acceleration and breaking because of increased grip.

Fuel – Upgrading the fuel tank size makes it possible to drive further.

Battery – Raising energy efficiency allowing you to go further with one charge.

Stability - Gives your ride stronger down force keeping you glued to your environment. Less of this mean bigger hang times on the Moon increasing earning from bonuses.

Downforce – Same as Stability above.

Mid-Air Control -Allows for more air control for tricks and controlled landings.

Friction – Let’s you slide over the ground easier.

Aerodynamics – Reduces air resistance letting you gain higher speeds.

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