Jan 132015

Hill Climb Racing Snow MobileThe Hill Climb Racing Snow Mobile is ideal for slippery surfaces and has some of the fastest off the start acceleration. Has the right shape, power, and grip for going carefully through caves. Good for other stages that need a good grip too.

Can get a ton of air time bonuses on the Moon when launched off a hill at high speeds. Since the Snow Mobile has power and speed right away it’s perfect for gaining speed in small areas. Other l;ow gravity environments also compliment this ride very well.

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Hill Climb Racing Snow Mobile


  • One of the best rides for taking off fast, the Dragster is better.
  • Does better on levels with snow that others.
  • Has tracks instead of tires which mold to the ground better creating more traction lumpy areas.
  • Has Fuel upgrade to go further than others without it.
  • Easy to keep balanced and straighten out in mid air.
  • Above average rating for grinding the Moon for hang time bonuses.
  • Slender size, good grip, and power make it ideal for caves.


  • The Monster Truck and Tank are better choices if your not sure what to buy.
  • Front ski’s like to stick in the side of obstacles like trees and hills.
  • Doesn’t rotate easy.
  • Headlights are pretty bad for Night, plus it likes to stick in the side of hills more, probably because you can’t see that far ahead.
  • Works better on flat levels due to spear like front interfering on bumpy rides.
  • Doesn’t shoot lasers.

The below video has a little bit of gameplay to give an idea of what you’d be dealing with.


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