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Hill Climb Racing Quad BikeHill Climb Racing Quad Bike is a great all around vehicle. The only downfall for the Quad Bike would be having less protection and a large kill zone when leaning forward and backward. This can easily cause a run to be ended by loosing control.

The Monster Truck is better in just about all areas with the exception of grip, but just slightly due to having less weight.

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Hill Climb Racing Quad Bike

Starts out with good traction and takes on the Alien Planet well. Start up and max speed are about average. Aceleration is what will seem like was upgraded the most. Though traction is also a big part of this ride.

Ends up with way too much horsepower making it able to flip over and snap your neck from a dead stop. This can be used to your advantage on stages with low gravity. Getting good speed then launching off the edges of hills and cliffs is great for air time bonuses.


  • Has good starting stats for grip and power making it useful for climbing.
  • Can do flips easily.
  • Has 4WD which is like and extra traction upgrade making it better for climbing than those without it.


  • Besides a slight drop in traction the Monster Truck beats this ride in about every area making the Quad Bike obsolete in many cases.
  • Fragile, you can easily tip forward or backwards when loosing control and crash.
  • Having to always hit the break in order to keep the front wheel down makes it hard to reach top speeds.
  • Is meant for controlled bursts of speed. Holding the gas peddle down will result in the vehicle flipping over backwards breaking your neck.
  • Always wants to leave the ground and doesn’t work well for grinding the Moon.
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