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Hill Climb Racing OnewheelerHill Climb Racing Onewheeler in a new ride that runs on energy instead of fuel. This gives the Onewheeler an ability to travel further the others. The down side is that this guy is probably one of the most fragile things to drive. Hitting the ground to hard will probably result in you slamming your head against some ending your run.

Starts out slow with low max speed and poor grip for climbing power. Ends up have really good grip but you have to constantly adjust your speed so you don’t fly of the road. Once your in the air or traveling really fast chances are you are going to wipe out, very easily.

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Hill Climb Racing Onewheeler


  • Can upgrade fuel for traveling longer distances
  • Good comedic value when your breaking your neck on just about everything.
  • Climbs very well when fully upgraded.


  • Loves to lean forward at high speeds and when you leave the ground.
  • When things get really bouncy your probably gonna smash your head into something and crash.
  • Meant your you to go slow and ride out the terrain being careful not to go airborne.
  • No good in water like substances.


There doesn’t seem to be a stage meant for the One Wheeler. It’s seems to be an attempt at putting something unusual in the game.

Being the only vehicle with one tire it could be helpful in certain situation where 2 tires aren’t working. Where is this location? Im not sure as my time with this inner city transportation has been on the short side. Feel free to leave a comment letting others know of your driving success with this ride.

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