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Hill Climb Racing Moon LanderHill Climb Racing Moon Lander Guide with info to consider before purchase. For the most part the Moon Lander isn’t a bad vehicle. When driving on all stages it feels like there’s less gravity with normal use. Can use extra fuel to fly through the sky like an eagle.

The below Moon Lander Guide will cover the basics like cost and go into more detail about the different aspects. Feel free to ask questions in the comment and check back for updates.

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Hill Climb Racing Moon Lander Guide

Purchase for 1,500,000c

Engine Lv20 Max – Total Engine Upgrade Cost 8,460,000c. Climb hills better and make longer jumps. More airtime for more tricks and bonus points.

Suspension Lv15 Max – Total Suspension Upgrade Cost 3,007,500c. Improves stability over bumps and at high speeds.

Thruster Lv8 Max – Total Thruster Upgrade Cost 3,340,000c. When all wheels are off the ground gas and brake peddles will control Thrusters until grounded again. These will slow decent speed and adjust pitch when using one peddle at a time. Holding both peddles will result in flying and going air born. When Thrusters are in use fuel will drain at a much faster rate. This will increase the power for strong lift off and slower decent.

Fuel Lv25 Max – Total Fuel Upgrade Cost 11,048,000c. Make the fuel tank bigger and hold more gas. This will let the player go further. Makes sense to have this for an an option as without extra full this vehicle would be a pain to drive.

Total Upgrade Cost = 25,855,500c, + Purchase Price = 27,355,500c Grand Total


  • Can always perform a soft landing with thruster, at the expense of extra fuel.
  • Easy to do Neck Flips when rolling over. Could be used for certain Neck Flip Achievements.
  • Drive over rough terrain easy with wheels that huge the curves.
  • Fast acceleration
  • Goes up the steepest hill easy.
  • Naturally floats for big air time in any stage.
  • Can travel long distances over smooth to rough terrain at high speeds by flying. Will consume lots of gas.
  • Can use both thruster to avoid crashing by lifting the Moon Lander back into the air.


  • Hang Time in air uses extra fuel consuming it at a fast rate.
  • Easy to fly over coin or refills and miss them especially the first ones in a bunch.
  • Get real flippy when hitting bumps at high speeds


Flying – Use ground speed from wheel acceleration to catapult off hills and ledges. This will get you higher faster without have to use a bunch of gas to get up there. Try to keep fumes in the tank while in mid air, running out will end the run even while in mid air.

Moon Lander Handling Per Stage

Country Side – Will be using front thrusters a lot at high speeds.

Moon – Get insane air time by flying up up and away. This thing seems to be made for the Moon. Nothing anywhere else will get the king of air bonuses this thing does. Can often land upside down or at a bad angle and recover with the Thrusters.


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    Nothing is mentioned about the handy cave travelarm in the front. I am trying to find out how to activate it. Only managed to flip it over accedently 3 times. Any advice.


    Para oyunu

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