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Hill Climb Racing LevelsHill Climb Racing Levels below with info on what to know before you buy and what works the best on each. This level guide can be updated daily so check back.

The developer has done a good job of adding new stages and vehicles over time. Each stage seems to be geared towards a specific ride. Find the sweet spot can help buld the bank much faster.

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Hill Climb Racing Levels

G = Good Vehicles
B = Bad Vehicles

Countryside – Basic first stage with small to large incline and bridges. Later parts will challenge the play with steep hard to climb hills which flips you easy and need power to climb. The bridges can also take their toll by spinning your in all directions when hit at high speed or the wrong direction.

G – Truck, Tank
B – Because of the large inclines crashing is very likely for most everything.

Xmas – Pretty much the same as Countryside only you come along pine trees that sometimes have to be knocked over. Traction can be an issue because of the slippery ground.

G – Truck, Tank, then Snow Mobile.

Desert – Pretty flat up until level 8 where hills are so steep you’ll likely fall of the back side going down and crash.

G – Truck, Tank

Arctic – Hard to grip snow, medium hills, and bridges.

Highway 125,000 – A long medium slope road with a gripping surface. The Kiddie Trains is probably the #1 choice as it doesn’t flip good and has fuel upgrade. Once you reach level 10 and on you will complete one about every 300 meters or so, usually on straight road letting you rack up coins like crazy.

Cave – Going to fast over humps through a cave while result in you snapping your neck. Slow and steady is the name of the game.

Moon – One of the #1 farming levels with just about everything you can drive being profitable. Great for maxing stats and unlocking all stages. Getting big air time is going to maximize your earning.

Mars 250,000 – Like the Moon, but has cave where you can crash on the ceiling. Low gravity and over head damage are a bad combination. Things that stay close to the ground will let you get the furthest.

Alien Planet 750,000 – Has a slippery layer that can make it difficult to climb hills. Death is most likely to occur by getting stuck in valleys unable to gain enough traction and momentum to climb the hill in front of or bind you.

Arctic Cave – You will have reduced traction and the caves have ice chunks hanging that will flip, spear, and smash you ending your run.

Forest – Big tree’s stand in your way and without a heavy ride you won’t be making it that far. Your tires can get stuck between 2 broken tree stumps when going backwards which can be game over, drive over stumps to remove them with enough force. If your vehicle easily has the front flip backwards when driving up steep incline that it’s probably not a good choice. Many coins bonuses are in the tree’s so driving something that can go through them is advised. The Forest on the Tractor picture is misleading as it always wants to flip over making it almost useless.

G – Truck, Tank, then Hovercraft.
B – Anything small and stuff that flips easy.

Mountain – A very steep climb going up continuously, like a mountain! So far there isn’t much that can go further than the Tank.

Mudpool – The surface is covered with slippery mud and pits of muddy liquid that will slow you down dramatically and stealing your gas. The Hoverscraft has little difficulty progressing through the terrain. This stage was probably built so you can have fun with your hoverride and not let it sit on the back burner.

Volcano – Like the Mountain only with much easier to climb hills. The only problem are the large pools of lava everywhere that can destroy your gas reserve.

Beach – Has little ponds of water everywhere that will slow everything but the Hovercraft.

Roller Coaster – Lots of really steep climbs with the road turning into 360 degree circles. Should be used with really buffed out rides.

Night – Dark with hills. Shows off your headlights.

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    i am asking how many levels does each maps has. I am on county side levels 7 how many more till that is finish with ,yes i got other unlock but i dont like to leave one till it done.


    If you get to the ends of a level, be careful, don’t look into the light. (There isn’t an end of the level :P )

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