Jan 132015

Hill Climb Racing Kiddie ExpressHill Climb Racing Kiddie Express is one of the new rides and your probably wondering what to do with it. You might not realize right away but this thing is a new hybrid type of vehicle that can loose car sections when driving wildly.

The advantage to loosing 1 or both cars is that your power will dramatically increase making climbing hills a piece of cake. If you really want to stretch you legs with this baby you can head out on the Highway!

Visit our Hill Climb Racing Wiki Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing Kiddie Express


  • Comes in 3 sections with the first car doing all the work. The 2nd and 3rd car just hang on for the ride. If you land hard enough you can break the ones hanging on loose. The bars holding everything together becoming broke and bent letting you keep track of when things are going to come apart.
  • Hard to flip over when you’re towing cars due to a long wide reach that keeps you well grounded and balanced.
  • Has the largest fuel upgrade (25 levels) meaning that it can potentially go further then others with less capacity.
  • Has good power for climbing hills, a little speed goes a long ways.
  • If you loose cars you will gain power letting you climb steep hills easier.
  • Drive to arrive! Slow and steed win the race. This guy does a great job of coasting at safe speeds. Stepping on the gas peddle too much will result in you flying of hills and damaging you passengers or worse, becoming a spear of death.
  • Seems to be made specifically for the Highway.


  • The more cars you loose the easier it is to flip over. Basically, the harder your ride the thing the harder it’s gonna be to drive. On the other hand the player is rewarded for taking their time.
  • Doesn’t do so well on jagged or rocky terrain. It’s small wheels and large amount of body space let it get stuck up if there’s too many obstacles in one area.
  • Driving through the Forest will most likely result in you driving around with passengers that have broken necks with arms and heads flailing everywhere.
  • Does very bad on the Moon which is the best level for farming coins fast.
  • One of the worst vehicles for water and other liquid like substances.

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