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Hill Climb Racing FarmingHill Climb Racing Farming is the process of using certain techniques and areas for the purpose of accumulating coins at a fast controlled rate. Below are the absolute best places to get the fastest coins possible along with the top rides to get it done.

With the recent release of Moon Lander, farming on the Moon and other low gravity stages has gotten much more profitable. Get some good air time a float your way to the bank.

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Hill Climb Racing Farming

Best Farming Levels!

#1 – Moon

Make tons of coins real fast with air time bonuses. In just a few short minutes you can have upwards of 250,000 with very little effort. A good run can get you around 2 million plus. Want even more? Fipping in the air while stalling from low gravity will help spent your time more wisely earning rotate bonuses as well. Just make sure to balance yourself out for impact before landing so you don’t crash. A good rule of thumb for flipping is that you can almost always do it once safely in a jump at least one time. Sometime you will spin wildly of a hill when hitting it right, it’s okay to let it do it’s thing for a bit before gaining control for landing.

Because of the short distance you usually have before a good spot to launch yourself for big hang time bonuses, ride that can gain the fastest amount of speed in the shortest time are ideal. Things that like to huge the ground don’t work so well since the will resist leaving the surface.

Best Vehicles

1. Moon Lander – Make big bucks with huge air times. Get extra high up with booster and float down like a feather. A feather of gold that is.

2. Super Diesel 4X4 – With the combination of big fluffy tires and good get up and go power this thing feels like it wants to fly back home. Extra fuel is an added bonus letting it go further than most others. Above average mid air handling make it something fun for the whole family to enjoy!

3. Snowmobile – Has tracks for grip, fast start up speed, and has higher max speed when compared to the Tank.

4. Tank – Almost perfect for this level. The biggest things holding it back would be a loss in max speed and poor starting power.

#2 – Highway

You probably wont get any further than you do on the Highway. The only obstacles are the occasional hill and going to fast. After getting as many distance bonuses as you think you can the replay value kinda dies leaving the Moon as a better farming choice.

Best Rides

1. The Kiddie Train – Has great control and doesn’t risk flipping easy. After the last car falls off going up hills becomes much easier due to carrying less weight. Speed control is the key for a long run. Don’t go too fast as you will probably nose dive off a hill and wipe out. On many parts of the map this thing will magically drive it’s self at the perfect speed. The break is hardly ever needed accept while slowing when going backwards down hills you need more speed to get up. Sometimes a weird invisible wall will appear behind you and if you hit it too fast you’ll flip up side down, careful going backwards.

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  3 Responses to “Hill Climb Racing Farming”


    For the moon :
    The tank don’t really make big air times. I have not tested the others vehicles, but with the big finger, i make 25 – 30 000 for each air times, so it’s easy to farm with it


    The truck on the highway is best for farming. After getting it maxed out and getting good at using it, you can get over 10,000m and make between 4 and 6m (depending on total distance and stage lvl you unlock). I’ve gotten to 18k and made around 7m because of the high reward for stage unlocks.


    I use fully upgrade BIG FINGGER at the moon and I got 300k+ at 1506m the thing is more practice at accelerating good landing and timing then memorize the landing area.
    I also perform flips and air time upto the gass became 1/4 before hitting another gas.

    BIG FINGGER + highway is also good. got 15489m and have 10m+ this is because of bonuses. (Before I start playing in this course I dont have any highscore recored yet and I already memorize this tracks at my other device)

    after having that high score
    u can get 1.5m to 3m in one go. making 6k to 12 k.
    your only problem is Gas.

    in 1400m you can encounter a highest tricky hill. (Practice for this)
    at 2000m got long distance fuel. I make continuous acceleration upto you can see the gas metter (99m) as just make moderate acceleration so that u can hir the nex gas and the after hitting the gas accelerate as fast as you can. just Do it again and again.
    (Dont mind if you not hit the Coins)

    If you notice the tracks at Highway is repeating and repeating.
    At 5k+m if you hit the rows of coin you can get total of 9000 coins over and over. (2 rows of 9 columns of 500 coins).

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