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Hill Climb Racing End of LevelHill Climb Racing End of Level is something that mean people spend time wondering about. The sad truth is that nobody has ever seen it. It’s like a unicorn!

There is this rumor going around though. They say this guy who made it to the end, just disappeared one day and nobody could find him. His ride was abandoned on the side of a road.

Then one day, he just came back. Turned out his car died on the side of the road and some people picked him up. They drove up state to some big party. Right place at the right time I guess. Said he never even made it the end his unit just froze. Kinda unrelated, not sure why I brought it up. Anyhow…

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Hill Climb Racing End of Level

On a real note the game is set up so you can never complete any of the levels. There is no finish line. How do I know this? A little infinite gas cheat code goes a long ways.

On the Highway with the Kiddie Express I went 21,862 meters which is level 71 (worth over 500,000 coins) and earned over 25 million coins total, took about 42 minutes. Without out unlimited gas I would not have made it that far. After awhile gas is so few and far between like your not meant to go that far.

You can check out the video proof below, I cut out most of the 42 minute journey. Time flew by pretty fast and it didn’t seem like it took that long. After about 10,000 meters I was completely dazing off on auto pilot here and there.

Loosing focus is what got me on the last hill. Should have applied the break while going backwards to keep control like the hundred other times I did. NOt sure what I was thinking of at the time, but it wasn’t the game.


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    I made it to 42432 in the desert, no cheats with the off road tank, I would have made it further but my tank tread mysteriously got stuck in the sand, a little weird don’t you think?




    Your hams out…

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