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Hill Climb Racing Best VehicleIf your looking for a Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle then you came to the right place. Below is a list of all the vehicles with advice and usage for each.

My personal favorite though would have to be the Monster Truck. It has good control and handles hills pretty good. The best vehicle for cash is the Moon Lander on the Moon stage. Use hang time bonuses to rack up easy fast coin.

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Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle

Jeep – You wanna get rid of this one as soon as your to an area where your accumulating lots of coin. The Monster Truck would be the best ride to buy.

Motocross Bike 75,000 – This guy is great for jumps and flips, but can be hard to control. Has a tendency to wreck easy. Your better of saving up and getting something better.

Monster Truck 100,000 – Cheap price and great for making lots of coin.

Tractor 100,000 – Slow and has a hard time climbing big hills. The Monster Truck is better.

Quad Bike 175,000 – Pretty much the same as the Motocross Bike just a little better in all areas.

Tourist Bus 200,000 – You want have to worry so much about flipping over with this giant mobile. Guzzles gas and doesn’t have good acceleration.

Race Car 250,000 – Fast and very good at catching air, but far from the best vehicle and shouldn’t be upgraded too much.

Super Diesel 4×4 500,000 – This guy does pretty good, but you already have 500,000 so you might as well save up another 500,000 and buy an uber Tank. You can also use this vehicle on the Moon stage to earn just about the max amount you could anywhere else in the game. Super Diesel + Moon Stage = Big Money!

Rally Car 750,000 – The only vehicle that beats this one for traction would be the tank. A much better choice than the Race Car which is reall just a dumbed down version of this ride.

Tank 1,000,000 – Pretty much goes anywhere and doesn’t have to much trouble doing anything. It would be best to save coin and grind for this guy skipping most of the cheaper rides.

Snow Mobile 1,000,000 – Very fast and great for tricks. The only time you’ll really flip over in this this is when you loose balance mid air. Has great traction for the snow stage.

Truck 1,000,000 – Doesn’t brake good. Doesn’t speed up good. But will never flip over. The only thing to worry about really is gas and hills.

Dune Buggy 800,000 – Has some of the best suspension of all the money makers and does very well in all the other areas too.

Kiddie Express – Great for getting all the coins and long distances. Tapping the accelerator giving it just enough to get up the next hump and never over doing it to cause flames is a healthy way to make it far. Has a large capacity for gas making it #1 for longevity. Because of it’s 3 section make up flipping over can be avoided batter than and other transportation. If the ride gets too bumpy you’ll loose one of your car making it much less difficult to wipe out. Not good on hilly missions as they eventually get too big and you can’t get over them due to lack of power.

Onewheeler – Always wants to lean forward at high speeds. Can easily flip and break neck.

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    Love this game! Have been playing it for some time now and have achieved high levels on most vehicles and places. However, the game has disappeared from my phone and wont open as of today. I read that game hot hacked into so I uninstalled it. Sadly now have lost all scores amd levels. Can you let me know if game becomes resecured? Thanks! An avid driving fan


    Thuker hill climp racing


    Nice list but where is the super off-roader


    Cool! Thanks for the article. There are new stages and vehicles, so keep up the good work :)

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