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Hill Climb Racing Achievements GuideA Hill Climb Racing Achievements Guide for Android and iOS. You can find a list of ones that have been completed or need to be by going to More>Achievements from the vehicle select screen.

When completing one you’ll get a little pop up on the screen showing the name and picture. No rewards are given for completing Achievement besides little fuzzy feelings.

For the most part these are pretty self explanatory. Some may need more info than others because of difficulty. If there is something that needs more insight feel free to leave a comment below. View more apps developed by Fingersoft on Google Play.

Visit our Hill Climb Racing Wiki Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing Achievements Guide

First Hills – Drive 1000m
Journey Begins – Drive 10,000m
Why Do I Climb the Mountain? – Drive 100,000m
Because I’m in Love – 1,000,000m
First Trip – Unlock a Stage
To the Moon and Back – Unlock 5 Stages
Beyond the Galaxy – Unlock 10 Stages
Globetrotter – Unlock all Stages
New Direction – Unlock a Vehicle
Serious Junkie – Unlock 5 Vehicles
Almost Famous – Unlock 10 Vehicles
All Your Car Are Belong to Us – Unlock all Vehicles
Collector’s Edition – Fully upgrade a vehicle
Golden Sample – Fully upgrade 5 vehicles
Grease Monkey – Fully upgrade 10 vehicles
Totally Worth It – Fully upgrade all vehicles
Bottoms Up – Make 10 flips
On a Roll – Make 100 flips
Flip-Lord – Make 1,000 flips
Casual Backflipper – Make 10 backflips
All Backwards – Make 100 backflips
Obsessed Backflipper – Make 1,000 backflips
Let’s Try That Again – Make 5 neckflips
Just a Flesh Wound – Make 10 neckflips
Could Happen to Anyone – Make 50 neckflips
Greedy – Earn 100,000 coins in one run.
Numismatist – Earn 1,000,000 coins in one run.
Photo Bomb – Share your results.
Lucky Fuel – Pick up a fuel canister with no full left.
Secret Achievement – Do 10 back flips in a run, then do 10 front flip in another run.
Secret Achievement – Run out of Gas then pick up Gas.
Secret Achievement – Do a Neck Flip in the first 5 seconds.
Secret Achievement – Go to main menu, then tap MORE, then tap ABOUT and watch all the credits.
Secret Achievement – Detach both cars from the Kiddie Express
Smash Pumpkins – Smash 1,000 pumpkins
Santa’s Lost Cousin – Deliver 500 presents

Drive 1,000km with:

The Classic – Jeep
Moon Grinder – Motocross Bike
Monster Truck Mayhem – Monster Truck
Dirt Farmer – Tractor
Triptacular – Hippie Van
Personal Transport – Onewheeler
Offroader – Quad Bike
No Tips Required – Tourist Bus
Iceman – Race Car
I Am the Law – Police Car
Crazed Paramedic – Ambulance
Environmentalist – Super Diesel 4×4
Finger Rally Champion – Rally Car
Highest Roller – Dragster
Top Gun – Tank
Lapland Hillbilly – Snow Mobile
Attitude Problem – Truck
Desert Racer – Dune Buggy
The Soft Side – Hovercraft
With Wheels Like These – Big Finger
Safety Inspector – Kiddie Express
Apollo Crewmember – Moonlander
Rudolf’s Big Brother – Sleigh


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    Do you know what the newest secret achievement is? The one they just added with the mini bike.


    Yes. Nuclear Secret.

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