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High School Story Tips WikiHigh School Story Tips and Tricks with other Wiki type info. This list of High School Story Tips can be updated daily. Check back in the future for more tips. If you have anything to share feel free to leave it on the comments below. Depending on popularity, information on this post can branch of into different areas like a wiki would.

High School Story Tips Wiki


Right now there are 38 different Classmates as of Dec, 2014. New ones come out every couple weeks or so. You can find a detailed list in the Classmates Database.

Cloths & Outfits

Each classmate can equip news cloths and outfits at level 4, 7, and 10. Caution when purchasing new outfits as some cost rings. Make sure to double check as it can be easy to use the wrong currency.


Get the High School Story Download free for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. Emulators can also be used like BlueStacks and AndY to play Android games on the PC and Mac.


Gameplay is very similar to other city building games. Most things acquired and upgrade have specific times for each. High level gear and buildings will take longer to make and improve the higher your level. Expand open land for more building space. This game is over a year old now with new content still rolling out every couple weeks.

Below is a Let’s play video produced by TobyGames. The official trailer can only be viewed on the developers Google Play page.

Release Date

The High School Story Release date was Aug 1st, 2013 and came out on both Android and iOS. When it first hit the scene they only had 14 classmates to choose from. Since then they have also released a new Classmate more than twice every month. Now there are about 38 total with the list still growing.


Rings act as a special currency that can help speed things along. They can also be used to purchase things instead of using gold coins. You start out with 500 and earn 10 rings with every level up. The easiest place to find them for free is by completing quests and throwing parties. Hold on to them for special situations where you’ll need them most. Can be purchased with real money in the App Store.

Get free rings by viewing ads from the developers partners. This button will pop up on the left side of the screen when connected to the internet. After watching videos make sure to wait a few seconds for anything to pop up. Then just hit the back key and you’ll be rewarded with free ring right away. Not sure how often they appear, but they don’t seem to be back to back. This makes getting them this way few and far between.

Apparently you can get a large amount by linking and un-linking characters with a Facebook account. Doesn’t seem to work for every character. This is not confirmed yet.


Below are some screenshots taken directly from the game.



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