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Grade 6 Faen - Brave Trials Wiki GuideGrade 6 Purple Faen are a new addition in Brave Trials as of early December 2014. Right now there are 4 total and they do not appear in any Trials. The only way to get them is via the Fae Hunt and the G6 Fae button in town by exchanging other purple Fae shards. These can be view inside the Compendium at any time whether you’ve collected them or not.

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If you want to be one of the strongest players in the game then your gonna need all 4 of these guys. Many players who had a bunch of shards saved up where able to jump on these as soon as they became available. If you’ve noticed the #1 spot on most of the high score list the players are decked out in all G6′s. Like a G6, like a G6! But they also usually have a star rank of 10 which is unrealistic for most players.

Check out our Best Faen Combos post for more info and how to get Fae and Shards. You best chance at getting one of these would be earning the required shards to gain them in the G6 menu. Though it would be very time consuming at least it’s a sure fire way to get one. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and obtain one in a Fae Hunts, but that’s probably much less likely.

The combo powers on these guys are just way better than G5 and below. Players with these will over power most everybody else on the battle field. Events will be much easier to complete also and you’ll probably never get kicked when joining one. Now you’ll be doing the kicken! There only one thing that could possible be better than G6 and that’s G7. Unfortunately, G7′s are not yet obtainable in the game though you can check them out in your Compendium.

Grade 6 Faen

Odin (A)


Apollo (A)


Poseidon (D)


Athena (H)


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