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FlySuit - Minute Quest ArmorThe FlySuit is available at a distance of 15.3. It’s name is a little misleading as you can’t actually fly with it, though it does effect speed. The Dash Skill is associated with it and will show up in all Weapons and Armor combos. Dash will give you character a fixed move speed and ignore weight from equipment. SuperDash and DemonDash will make you move faster however which kind of make Dash obsolete.

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I was hoping this thing would let you fly around at high speed. It was a little disappointing to find out it had no such ability. For it’s name I think it should have come equip with better speed buffs, but I suppose negating weight is good enough. Many other items seem to have the same issues like the Ribbon, totally under appreciated. Hopefully there will be a future update that will add more option for gear and maybe some special effects like hovering. Maybe it’s just a pipe dream. In life there’s always a million things you can do better. Eventually you have to say enough is enough and everyone has to start somewhere.

FlySuit Sets

These are only for Weapons and Armor. They do not include Pets. Many of the combos have 2 skills which make the FlySuit versatile. Adding a pet will then give you more options than other sets. I will only include ones that offer 2 Skills, 1 of them has 3 skills. If you don’t see a Weapons below it’s because it only had Dash available. I would count out those combos though as adding a Pets can do big things.

All Combos have Dash below:

LongSwd = MachHit
Dice = Chance
Bow = AccUp20
Knife = SuperMach
Staff = Magic Hit
Stick = SpdUp10
Eyeball = PowUp10
Leek = CritUp20
Rapier = AccUp20
ThiefSwd = PowUp20
Hot Wing  = Recovry5, Recovery2
Fish = Recovery2
BoneRod = PetUp30
GoldDice = Chance
Defender = GuardUp20
Hose = PowUp20
DarKnife = PowUp10
Lollipop = Recovery10
NiteDice = Chance

FlySuit Armor

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