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ExpUp - Minute Quest SkillsExpUp is a skill in Minute Quest that increases the amount of experience you gain from defeating monsters. This skill stacks well with it’s self and others like Exp Farmer which doubles experience.

You get the most experience in the Training area inside your castle. Enemies are much weaker, but they wont drop any gold or items. You’ll start out with enemies at the level of the furthest distance you have traveled outside the castle. Use the skip option on the first screen to jump ahead another 20km or so. It’s recommended to collect as many Weapons, Armor, and Pets for combinations before Training. This way you’ll have the best sets for leveling.

Our Auto Leveling technique also works very well with this skill. You’ll need a rooted device to use it though. Level up in your sleep or while you do somethings else. If you don’t have a rooted device your only option is the DeathMarch skill.

Visit our Minute Quest Skills & Sets and Wiki for more info.

ExpUp Sets

Because there are a massive amount of combos ranging from ExpUp10-ExpUp40 I will focus on the 30 and 40 ones.

ExpUp40, DeathMarch = BroadSwd, Superman, Zomble
ExpUp40, DeathMarch = Bouquet, Qipao, Zomble
ExpUp40, DeathMarch = TigerSwd, LordRobe, Zomble
ExpUp40, DeathMarch = FoxTail, RockArmr, Zomble
ExpUp40, ExpUp20 = Bouquet, Qipao, HotStuff
ExpUp40, ExpUp20 = Bouquet, Qipao, Balloon
ExpUp40, ExpUp30 = Bouquet, Qipao, Strawby
ExpUp40, ExpUp30 = FoxTail, RockArmr, Strawby
ExpUp40, ExpUp20, GuardUp40 = Bouquet, Qipao, Cannibis
ExpUp40, ExpUp10 = FoxTail, RockArmr, Troll
ExpUp40, Devil Luck, Recovery5 = TigerSwd, LordRobe, BlackCat
ExpUp30, ExpUp10, ExpUp20 = Pencil, Uniform, Muddy
ExpUp30, ExpUp20 = Pencil, Uniform, Griffon
ExpUp30, ExpUp20 = Pencil, Uniform, Witcher
ExpUp30, ExpUp20 = Pencil, Uniform, Skellior
ExpUp30, ExpUp20 = Pencil, Uniform, Firezard
ExpUp30, Recovery10 = Set Sqr, Priest, Slime
ExpUp30, PowUp30, ExpUp20 = Set Sqr, Priest, Griffon
ExpUp30, ExpUp20 = BoneRod, Priest, Griffon

ExpUp Weapons & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapon and Armor combos that have the ExpUp skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other sets that I have not listed above.

10 Mallet + HuntRobe
10 Knife + Apron
10 Fish + Roach
20 Broom + Kendo
20 MonkStaf + Angel
20 Lexicon + Angel
20 FishyRod + LordRobe
20 Brush + Chef Hat
20 WoodSwd + Judo
20 Saw + HuntMstr
20 Pencil + Ninomiya
20 LongSwd + Uniform
30 Bouquet + MoleArmr
30 BoneRod + Priest
30 Set Sqr + Priest
30 Pencil + Uniform
40 FoxTail + RockArmr
40 TigerSwd + LordRobe
40 Bouquet + Qipao
40 BroadSwd + Superman

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