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Exploration Lite Wiki GuideThis is a Exploration Lite Wiki & Guide with info on various aspect of the app. Exploration Lite is developed by Andrzj Homiak and is the free version where you are not allowed to save. In the payed version you can save. I personally feel the dev should put in a little bit more work before releasing a payed version. There are too many Minecraft clones out there which are incomplete or at least good enough for ads.

One of the most basic things missing would be the fly feature to move around fast. Since this is a build only version we need some wings. The next big thing missing would be a place to hold mltiple blocks so you dont have to eneter your inventory each time you want something else to build with.

Exploration Lite Wiki & Guide

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Blocks – Object you can use to decorate the environment and build with.
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First off there are no monster and you can’t die from falling and drowning. No fly option either:( When you fall through the bottom of a map you will fall from the same spot high up in the clouds. I suppose this make up for no flying and is a fast way to reach floating buildings.

There are a few mobs mainly cows and they do nothing but walk around bored, no breeding for these guys. The only thing to do is build stuff and take it apart. If you want to save you’ll have to pay for the full version sadly. When you restart the game or it’s lost from memory from using other apps all your progress is erased and you have to start over, ya!?


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    I’ve been flying to far and can’t find my house anymore. Does it get deleted when going to far ?

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