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Exploration Lite BlocksExploration Lite Blocks are objects that you can place in your environment to build and decorate. There are 99 blocks total and if you take one down and pass it around you’ll have 98. Visit our Exploration Lite Wiki for more info.

The huge downside is that you’ll only be able to carry 1 block at a time while your building your dream home. This makes creating a long process with have to constantly re-enter your inventory to get what you need.

The biggest one missing from the mix would be TNT, which is probably the most desired. Lava would be another good one that was missed. Hopefully more things will be added in the next update. Unfortunately, this app has been out for awhile with little improvements so don’t hold your breath, unless their spraying Obola in your neighborhood.

Any of the things that might look like they could be interacted with can’t. The Furnace for instance is merely meant to look good and does not enable you to craft anything. Torches, Ladders, and Water are about the only thing with extra awesomeness. The TV is a nice touch too though I’m sure it’s tracking and monitoring everything you do. Nothing can be stored in the chest as you already have an infinite amount of all blocks in your inventory.

Exploration Lite Blocks – 99 Total

Exploration Lite Block List
There are plenty of things to build with in the Exploration Lite version, but remember when you close the app everything is erased. You have to get the payed version to have an option to save.

Many of the blocks have nice graphics and make creating things that much more enjoyable. Wish I had some TNT to blow things up. If they made a game like this and only put TNT in it I would be happy.

Exploration Lite Screenshot House Exploration Lite Screenshot Pool Exploration Lite Screenshot Ocean Exploration Lite Screenshot Sand Castle Exploration Lite Screenshot Swamp Exploration Lite Screenshot Ebola Attack 2014 Exploration Lite Screenshot Night Sky Clouds Moon

Be sure to check back in the future for updated info.

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    Lava is right above the brick wall shaped like a backwards L. It’s black when applied and then you have to toggle it on.

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