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Exp Farmer - Minute Quest SkillsExp Farmer is a skill in Minute Quest that will double experience earned, but cause you to receive zero gold from monsters. After you purchase all of the equipment gold becomes less useful as most people want the items to search for good combos. You will however probably want gold to upgrade weapons and armor for good combinations and boss fights.

Exp Farmer is an invaluable skill that will help you complete this game much faster. Combined with Training you can earn a tons of experience fast, though are Auto Leveling technique can be a much bigger time save on rooted devices. For none rooted user the DeathMarch skill will be the closest you’ll get to auto farming.

The best sets include ExpUp skills for even more leveling power. For that reason I only kept track of them when searching through most of the combinations listed below. I’ll also try to include Recovery as survivability can be a big help.

Visit our Minute Quest Skills & Sets and Wiki for more info.

Exp Farmer Sets

Exp Farmer, ExpUp30, Luck Up, = Card, Onesie, Hellhare
Exp Farmer, ExpUp30 = Bouquet EAR, Afro, UFO LGT
Exp Farmer, DeathMarch, Expup20 = Bouquet Ear, Afro, Zomble DAR
Exp Farmer, ExpUp20, Night Owl = Brush WTR, HootSuit DAR, SirSlime
Exp Farmer, ExpUp10, DeathMarch = MonkStaf LGT, WhtRobe, Zomble DAR
Exp Farmer, ExpUp10 = MonkStaf LGT, WhtRobe, Skeleton DAR
Exp Farmer, Recovery10 = MonkStaf LGT, WhtRobe, Spirit DAR
Exp Farmer, DeathMarch = Choc Ice ICE, Ribbon, Zomble DAR

Exp Farmer Weapons & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapon and Armor combos that have the Exp Farmer skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other set that I have not listed above.

Choc Ice + Ribbon
MonkStaf + WhtRobe
Brush + HootSuit
Cleaver + Apron
MonkStaf + Ninomiya
Broom + Ninomiya
Staff + Taoist
Dice + Diviner
Card + Onesie
Bouquet + Afro

Feel free to leave anything you may find useful in the comments below.

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