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Excavate - Brave Trials Wiki GuideExcavate is another way to earn Coins, Gems, Scrolls, and Shards in Brave Trials. It’s unlocked after reaching level 35 with your Class. Every day you will get 10 free excavations which will get you to about the 4th chest. When you excavate there is a chance that you will claim a chest and move on to the next location. When an attempt is unsuccessful the Success Rate meter will increase. When the meter hits 100% you will automatically move to the next location on your next try.

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You can pay 10 Gems to refresh the list if nothing tickles your fancy. When refreshing shards will usually be the only thing that changes. After you have used up your free moves you’ll have to pay with Gems to continue. This can be great place to earn shards when you have run out of other options. When you are all finished just tap the claim button on the right to get you rewards. You can get 5 points towards Daily quests each time you use up your 10 free attempts. Chests will reset after midnight.

Rich players and hackers that have a star level of 9+ will get a chance to do the whole thing over again once they have completed it. This can be done only once per day.

High quality equipment shards can be earned here and is one of the biggest reasons to Excavate. Grade 6 Faen are not yet available here. Free turn will not stack up and carry over to the next day. Any left overs will be wasted as the next day every thing will be reset back to 10 free tries.

Each time you fail your chances of success are increased by 10%. Each time you succeed you chances drop by 50%. People say that you will end up spending about the same amount in gems as shards would cost in the bazaar. After doing this you can determine it for yourself. Then decide if you would rather gamble away your gems or get the sure thing at the Bazaar.

Excavate - Brave Trials

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