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How to Delete Character in Brave TrialsRight now there doesn’t seem to be any way to delete a character in Brave Trials once you have created one. Some people mention in the forums that staff in Live Chat might be able to help, but this is unconfirmed. You can access live chat from the starting screen when you load the app. Deleting and reinstalling the app might do the trick, but is an extreme measure and should be used as a last resort. Be careful when choosing a custom name for your class as it will be stuck there until you pay for a name change. You can buy rename tickets in the Sale Mall for 500 gems.

The only options you have when you fill up the 5 character slots on a server is to switch to another server. This can be done on the main menu after the loading screen. Unfortunately, not all servers are the same with some being to far away and other being too full causing lag or unplayability.

Brave Trials Character Slots

I have to say not being able to delete toons is a bad move. The only reason I have heard is that you could accidentally delete something. I’ve been playing games for over 20 years and have never deleted a players by mistake. Most games have verification codes, password checks, or 24 hour wait periods. There is an infinite amount of ways to make deleting safe.

It could be worse. Many players have complained about there account being deleted on accident due to programing issues. One day your kicking butt with a high level character and the next everything is gone including money spent. Folks who have tried to get there stuff back have been denied hard with responses like “Wait 5 days and try again” or “We held an investigation regarding the report you’ve submitted. However we are unable to find any issue with it, please do try it again.”

It looks like the developers have there hands tied with other stuff at the moment. Or maybe they don’t plan on ever implementing this feature. What probably happens is they either forgot to put in the feature or choose not to for cost reasons. Maybe it’s just too expensive to go back and make the change. If you have any information regarding the deletion of characters please share in the comments and help ease the minds of many players.

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