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Death March - Minute QuestDeathMarch is a skill that makes your character move in the direction he’s facing without help from the player. Since Minute Quest can be a long game this skill is very useful.

Visit our Minute Quest Skills & Sets and Wiki for more info.

Outside Castle – Farming here is recommended if your trying to get Pets, Gold, and Items. Use skills like ExpUp, TreaUp, and GoldUp to help focus on what you need the most.

Training – This is the best place to gain experience as the monsters are easy to kill for there level. You can also skip ahead which will increase exp even more in the beginning, though the total amount earned in one run will be less due to dying sooner. The only down fall is that you wont get gold or drops from enemies. Exp boosting skills work well here.

Auto Farming Gold, Exp, Items, Pets – Installing an app called HiroMacro Auto-Touch will let you mimic touching motions on rooted devices. It’s like adding the DeathMarch skill to every set. I will call it… LifeMarch!

With Hiro, simply record yourself moving forward to a safe distance, then return to your Castle. Now you can replay this motion loop and choose the number of re-plays. The next time you come back to your device you’ll be richer and buffer. You should check once in a while to see if you have a Treasure option in your Castle as you can only have one at a time. Things also might get laggy after awhile which is fixed with a restart of the app.

Starting from the beginning and going as far as possible without dying is good for farming gear, gold and Pets. Setting the motion point to stay in high experience areas is much better for farming exp.

DeathMarch Sets

There are many more sets that include other skills. But after going through most of the combinations for DeathMarch these seemed to be the most useful.

14.7 DeathMarch, Mach Hit, DemonDash = Scorpion 14.7, Zombie DAR 14.1, Zomble DAR 9.0
17.7 DeathMarch, GoldUp20 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Dwarf 5.0
17.7 DeathMarch, TreaUp20 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Wisp 6.2
17.7 DeathMarch, ExpUp20 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Muddy EAR 0.9
17.7 DeathMarch, ExpUp20 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Witcher 8.3
17.7 DeathMarch, ExpUp20 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Firezard 15.5
25.8 DeathMarch, GoldUp20 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Skraggon 25.8
25.8 DeathMarch, GoldUp40 = Lexicon 7.5, Ninomiya 12.9, Skraggon DAR 25.8
DeathMarch, Discovery = Lexicon 7.5, Ninomiya 12.9, Socket DAR
DeathMarch, ExpUp40 = Lexicon 7.5, Ninomiya 12.9, Lantern FIR
DeathMarch, GoldUp40 = Lexicon 7.5, Ninomiya 12.9, Brolly DRK
DeathMarch, TreaUp30 = Lexicon 7.5, Ninomiya 12.9, Mimic EVL
DeathMarch, Discovery = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Socket DAR
DeathMarch, TreaUp30 = Lexicon 7.5, Uniform 17.7, Mimic EVL

If you have a good combo to add to the list feel free to mention it in the comments and we’ll add it to the post.

DeathMarch - Mach Hit - DemonDash

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    Deathmarch/GoldUp40 = Crystal, Queenly, Zomble

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