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Dead Trigger 2 is First Person shooter Zombie theme developed by MADFINGER Games. It’s free to play with a paid option. This is one of very few apps for mobile games that have mind blowing graphics and a real 3D environment. Powered by Unity and made for NVIDIA Tegra 4 tech.

Dead Trigger 2 Wiki Guide

Best Weapons & Guns



Some has happened and there is an absolute ton of Zombies running around killing everybody. By the looks of many enemies having props like high explosive strapped to their chest, someone or something must be leading this wave of death.

The only thing lacking would be a multiplayer option. Letting multiple people play together completing different objectives is coming soon. I would bet they’ll have this in the 3rd Dead. Hand held devices have grown a lot since this apps release October 23, 2013.

On February 20, 2014 this title was ported to Facebook. You can also play it on the PC and Mac using a free program called BlueStacks.


Choose from 9 different playable characters to use in the field completing missions to earn . Use various weapons to eliminate different zombie type enemies for in game credit used to purchase and upgrade your gear like weapons, items, and buff.

You will start out with the world covered with Zombies and your job is to unit with other real player statistics and push the wave back. Eventually you will come to a point in the Missions where you won’t ba able to advance further. You will have to wait for the developers to update Dead Trigger 2 with more content. I remember playing when it first came out, it took about 2 days of gameplay and then you hit this wall where you couldn’t go any further. Thankfully they have increased the amount of map locations to visit and add many more Weapons and Items.





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Tips, Tricks, Hints

Warning: A small tip when following any links to the Official Dead Trigger 2 Wiki from this site, they may lead to your system slowing down massively. This is because of the very large amount of ads including video one’s that hog your bandwidth. Turn on your Ad block for the best user experience. I though I was under some kind of cyber attack and after a restart didn’t help I found the culprit, 4 different windows open with probably 40 ads.

If your looking for some Cheats then you might be waiting around for awhile. They are hard to find and the devs try to keep things locked down on the update side.

Dying is okay because you still get exp, cash, blueprints, and knowledge. Winning is better because you’ll also get the reward bonus.

Rotate screen by rotating device. This can help if charging cable is in an uncomfortable position.

Farming Cash, Exp, Blueprints – Play side missions on easy for quick earnings. Choose side missions like Search and Destroy, Power Run, or Supply Run, then don’t finish last objective and just kill zombies. Switching between weapons often to avoid “ammo full” is better for ammo regen. Out of ammo? It’s melee time! You killed my mother!!! Power Run seems to be the best choice as the whole level is opened up including 4 or more ammo stations.

Farming Cash & Exp - Choose easy mode for any stage where you can stay in once place forever and has constant waves of zombies attacking. Use shotgun type weapon for easy kills with head, brutality, and shots. When your low on ammo switch to your melee weapon for ammo regen. Increase Tech level to earn more cash in missions.

Barricades slow zombies down not stop them. They can sneak through a 95% fixed barricade like ninja dead.

Grind Special Zombies for Blueprints by dying after finding one and replay the quest to repeat and infinite amount of times. Doing side missions with infinite waves like Search & Destroy or Supply Run might be better than current story situations.

Upgrade Your TECH first to get more Blueprints and increase money for head & limb shots, piggies, loot, and mission rewards.


If you fail a mission and select Retry you will not receive cash for last quest attempt. So if you attempt a level 5 times in a row a select Retry each time you will Not receive any cash for all 5 tries. Experience and Blueprints do accumulate and are remembered.

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Android apk – Google Play

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PC and Mac – BlueStacks

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