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Dead Trigger 2 WalkthroughWelcome to the Dead Trigger 2 Walkthrough! Dead Trigger 2 is finally out and a new adventure in zombie killing can begin. Fight waves of zombie dead, build and upgrade guns, complete quests for rewards, loot money and ammo, upgrade your hideout, epic boss fights, and tons more! Click on the quest name for a video walkthrough.

This Dead Trigger 2 Walkthrough can be updated daily. Check back in the near future for more content.

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Explanations Walkthrough

Gameplay – The harder the difficulty the faster and more damaging the zombie. Upgrade your TECH for the fastest advancement. Money earned is the same on all difficulties accept for mission reward so farming easy mode can be very efficient.

Money – You can earn money from head shots, limb shots, finding pigs randomly, drops from zombies, mission rewards, and by purchasing it with Gold.

Gold – You can get Gold from free offers, purchased or trial offers, and by buying directly with real money.

Zombies – These are the regular zombies that will be all over the place. Sometimes they carry pipes for extra damage. They will only drop money and ammo.

Special Zombie’s – These are like mini bosses that will pop out randomly during missions. They are all weak against explosive damage which will usually impare their movement and expose their weakness.

Intro Missions

1. Training – Learn the basic controls.

2. Meeting Alice – Help Alice by killing zombies and repairing the barricade.

3. Get to Car – After the first wave of enemies a 2 minute timer starts.

USA Campaign

Establish your base

Story Mission Quests

1. Meet the Medic: Produce PAINKILLERS in the HIDEOUT – Alice walks you through the steps to make painkillers.

2. Tools of the Trade: Find the stolen toolbox – You can take your time finding the stolen toolbox and use it take make extra cash fixing barricades and killing zombies with head shots.

3. Meet the Gunsmith: Manufacture MP5 in the HIDEOUT – Learn how to make guns.

4. Wrenched Out: Find the lost Engineer – After Reaching the Engineer stay ahead of him and defeat the first wave, they can kill Engineer easy right away. After that just focus on killing zombies closes to the Engineer.

5. Meet the Engineer: Craft GRENADE in HIDEOUT – Learn how to make a GRENADE.

6. Science is Fun: Locate the Scientist – You can take your time killing and searching. Only need to reach end to complete.

7. Meet the Scientist: Upgrade TECH level of HIDEOUT – Upgrade your new Tech to increase the upgrade level of other station. Afterwards I would upgrade your Gunsmith for better weapons.

8. Our House: Protect the Hideout – Kill zombies with a infinite ammo sniper rifle. Aim for head or limbs to earn more cash. Complete to unlock side missions.

9. Transmission: Make contact with Resistance HQ – This level can be difficult. Upgrade MP5K or purchase new weapon to beat quickest.

10. EVAC: Mark landing zone with flares – Reach helipad then fight zombies for 1m30s.

Side Missions

Assault – Fight a limited number of zombies. Ignore special enemies to speed things up and save ammo but should kill for Blueprint.

Defend – Fight off waves of zombies until timer runs out. Has stronger zombie for BP chance.

Escort – Find person then protect them until they reach the end. Use pre-wave time to repair barriers and find piggy’s.

Seek & Destroy – Probably the easiest side mission. Speakers are always in the same spots.

Supply Run – The best thing to do is run and gun.

Africa Campaign

Resolve mutations problem

Story Mission Quests

1. Fresh Air: Land in Oasis – Easy on Hard mode. Zombies are in same places each time you go around building in helicopter.

2. Anybody Home?: Make contact with local survivors – Might wanna bring a couple grenades and painkillers along with a M-16.

3. The Big Restoration: Establish power supply and find any water – Grab furthest gas can first then 2 closes for best advantage. Focus on moving fast between objectives for and easy victory.

4. Got Your Six: Protect the Engineer while he repairs the car – Try not to miss.

5. Into the Well: Find Leader of the local group – Getting to the Leader is the hardest part.

6. Water Before Gold: Open 3 Valves to ensure the water supply – Stay by valve to fight and move fast. After 3rd valve just keep running.

7. Scientific Peek: Explore the mine – This is the longest mission so far and you’ll fight many zombies plus 2 or 3 specials. Good idea to have PK’s and Gernades along with a MK3 M-16.

8. The Fixer: Prepare the mine for the research team – Grab the first gas can then follow arrow to other gas cans after that. After 3rd gas can they will spawn close to generator making time not much of an issue. Watch out for green radioactive material on the ground as it lowers health.

9. Blow Out: Blow up the Mine – A lot of running is involved so try not to take damage. Lead the hord outside to the big open space for easy killing.

10. Terror from the Deep: Protect the city from the giant mutant – Walk across the boards over the roof tops the the mounted gun. Use controlled bursts so not to over heat. Kill zombies that try to flank you while shooting the giant mutant.

Side Missions

Tripoli – Complete side mission to participate. When goal is met you’ll receive reward.

Accra – Unlocked after finishing Tripoli. Complete side mission to participate

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